Microsoft is planning an Xbox event “What’s next for games”

Microsoft is planning an Xbox event “What’s next for games”
Microsoft is planning an Xbox event “What’s next for games”

The Xbox caught fire recently, dominating radio waves with huge drops of Xbox Game Pass, including Outriders and PlayStation developer MLB: The Show. Microsoft also held the Xbox Event ID. Recently, they showed dozens and dozens of games in partnership with Twitch. Microsoft is not slowing down, according to New report Microsoft’s chief expert, Mary Jo Foley, of ZDNet.

This news comes in the wake of the announcement of Microsoft Build 2021, the main developer conference of the company, to be held from 25 to 27 May. As part of these events, Foley notes that Microsoft is planning a set of smaller “What’s Next” virtual events, which will include a feature designed specifically for games. Foley also notes that this is true Not Next Game Stack Live The event is scheduled for April.

Microsoft is completing its biggest and biggest conferences this year with smaller “what’s next” virtual events. The “What Next for Gaming” event is scheduled to happen in the coming weeks. I heard that the Game Stack Live event also listed on the US events page is not that event.

Since this event will be part of Microsoft’s Build celebrations, we are unlikely to see any new games revealed here. However, what you should expect are the new features and technology that Microsoft is working on to improve Dev’s life in the gaming space. We can see glimpses of new graphics technologies and features planned for future Xbox kit releases, as well as features coming to the Xbox platform in general.

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Microsoft had previously launched consumer-oriented ads on Build in the past and also unveiled new products and services. It could be at this event that a planned expansion of the Xbox Game Pass for web browsers was unveiled, providing an all-in-one gaming service for iOS, Chromebooks, MacOS, PCs and low-cost laptops. Given Microsoft’s widely shared conversations to acquire the Discord gaming communications platform, this would also be a good time to highlight what the partnership means for the Xbox and beyond.

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