‘Valheim’ gets mod that introduces virtual reality to the game

‘Valheim’ gets mod that introduces virtual reality to the game
‘Valheim’ gets mod that introduces virtual reality to the game

The success of ‘Valheim’ has been encouraging the gamer community to create new options for interacting with the Coffee Stain Studios game, which has now gained a virtual reality mode through a mod (“mod”) already available for download.

The VR mode of ‘Valheim’ is still in beta testing, remember, but in the new perspective, you already have integration with the title’s multiplayer mode – even if your friends aren’t using the mod. For now, you can only play it through the keyboard and mouse. Developer Brandon Mousseau, who created the feature, promises that support for motion-sensing controls is coming soon.


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‘Valheim’ is a sandbox-style game, that is, it gives the player space to fulfill a certain goal in the way that is most convenient for him. It was recently made available on Steam through early access (so, technically, it hasn’t been released yet).

The premise of the game is simple: you take on the role of a Viking warrior who was killed in battle. To gain access to eternal life (or “valhala” – the Nordic equivalent of “paradise”), you must traverse the Valheim valleys and defeat the monsters that inhabit the place, proving yourself worthy to inhabit the hall governed by the god Odin.

‘Valheim’ already has a first-person mode, but the addition of VR promises to further spice up the gameplay of a title that already reaches considerable levels of popularity: in just one month of availability, there have already been five million confirmed sales within the Valve Corporation’s distribution platform.

Source: PC Gamer


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