Jeep Renegade Connect launches 4G internet from R $ 123,490 – 05/04/2021

Jeep Renegade Connect launches 4G internet from R $ 123,490 – 05/04/2021
Jeep Renegade Connect launches 4G internet from R $ 123,490 – 05/04/2021
Jeep took advantage of the date of the day 4×4 (one day late) to introduce the public to the company’s first connected vehicle, the Renegade. The model debuts the system created in partnership with the telephone operator Tim to offer Wi-Fi integrated in Stellantis cars.

The announcement of the partnership was made in October last year. With that, the Renegade will stay on the same level of technology and connectivity delivered by the Chevrolet Tracker.

This is because in addition to being able to connect up to eight devices at the same time on the car’s Wi-Fi 4G network, Renegade now has a system similar to “OnStar”. This means that in the event of an accident or theft, the SUV’s own internet system will make contact with the security forces, indicating location.

As was already the case with Volvo OnCall, Chevrolet OnStar and FordPass, the Jeep Renegade now features an SOS button on a console on the roof, next to the internal rear-view mirror. There it is possible to make contact with a central and send a signal asking for help, as in cases of accident.

The car hits stores in the 80 Years launch version, a special series to celebrate the anniversary of the Jeep brand in the world. The differences are for the darkened external finish in graphite tone, Black Piano interior, black interior lining and exclusive seams, in addition to badges and “80th” tags on the outside and inside of the car.


The 80-year-old version of the Jeep Renegade Connected begins with the flexible version with a six-speed automatic transmission at R $ 123,490. In the turbodiesel variant, with nine-speed automatic transmission and 4×4 traction, the 80-year-old series starts at R $ 164,590.

The Adventure Intelligence package can also be purchased as an option. In the Moab version the package costs R $ 2,500, for Trailhawk and Longitude the price is R $ 2,000, the three models have a 2.0 turbodiesel engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission.

For R $ 1,500 the connectivity package will also be available in the flexible versions Limited and Longitude. In that case, the engine is a flexible 1.8 with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Application with features

As at GM and Ford, Jeep will offer a smartphone app that will connect to the vehicle. It will also be possible to access the features through a smartwatch.

With this, the owner has access, even at a distance, to information on autonomy, tire pressure, the next overhaul and even the possibility to lock or unlock the vehicle remotely. In the app, the owner will be notified in case of attempted theft.

The Adventure Intelligence application also has an intelligent navigation map that allows you to program a route and trip before using the smartphone and then mirror the information on the 8.4 “multimedia center screen. The map has information about radars and gas stations, for example. , on the way.

The service also allows you to create parameters such as the Valet mode. With it it is possible to limit how far the car can run and if it leaves a pre-defined parameter, the owner will be alerted by the application. It is also possible to check which speed was reached by the car in that period.

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