Microsoft Edge achieves historic feat and already aims at Safari

Regarding the fight for the most popular browser title today, Google Chrome remains undisputed, with more than 60% market share. However, a new name that continues to make a name for itself is Microsoft Edge.

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After long years without receiving “love” for its browser thanks to the giant flop that has always been Internet Explorer, Microsoft finally got its recipe right by choosing to develop its new browser based on Google’s Chromium.

During 2020 we saw Microsoft Edge gain great popularity, surprising everyone and everything with its lightness, level of customization and security. Now, users can even forget to install a new browser when they turn on their Windows computer for the first time.

According to the most recent data published by the company StatCounter, Microsoft Edge managed for the first time in its history to overtake the giant Firefox, placing itself now in the 3rd position in the global level.

Microsoft Edge takes advantage of Firefox and is already behind Safari

There is no hard evidence in this report to confirm the loss of users by Firefox, but this is a trend that has been occurring since last year.

Although it remains one of the most popular browsers today, Mozilla’s offer is no longer the obvious alternative to Google Chrome. So it would not be surprising if much of the growth of Microsoft Edge was really thanks to Firefox users who decided to try alternatives.

Since July of last year, the Microsoft browser has managed to double its market share, being the only one that has a trend with a major growth.

Another browser that continues to have a positive trend is Safari, but these values ​​are certainly influenced by the increase in the number of users who prefer Apple products.

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via: StatCounter

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