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In the past few days, things have gone well again on Google Maps for Android devices. Maps will receive many new features and improvements in a few days and in the near future. The initial shot is given by the compass, which is now available two years later, at the request of users. Always pointing north when navigating, just like a compass should work. With the current version of the app, the compass should be visible to you again.

Direction assistant mode works for German users

Google suddenly launched an Easter egg for German users that will hatch on April 5. The long-awaited Monday should be Easter Assistant driving mode for German users on Google Maps Get started officially. This new driving mode is a combination of Google Maps and Google Assistant. In the long run, it will replace the screen version of the Android Auto phone if Google’s plans don’t change again.

For the environment: navigation prefers the green path and warns of environmental areas

With some other minor update, Google is turning its Maps app upside down in several places. This includes a review of road planning, which in the future will also pay attention to alternative ecological routes. In fact, the greenest path should always be preferred. Otherwise, it takes much longer than the fastest route. Google has announced that this option can be disabled.

Google Maps Co2 Route Planning

In this context, the future Google Maps will also analyze the environmental zones and warn the user if this ecological zone is on a road.

Google Maps shows the climate and air quality (pollen, etc.)

I especially like the new levels above Current weather and air quality Teaching. The weather resource in particular is practical and somewhat resembles the classic weather report with weather map. For air quality, Google needs separate data from the responsible organizations, so implementing this standard internationally can take some time.

Wet Google Maps

Live View now also helps with large buildings

The last time we were able to see Live View Help to orient yourself even better outside, In the future This is also possible in large buildings, such as airports. Escalators, elevators, check-in counters, ticket counters, restrooms and other important “access points” can be found in such buildings more quickly. Or also specific stores if you are in a large mall.

Direct internal view 2 Qusais 7

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