Hyundai’s Genesis performs with 3,281 drones in the sky and sets a world record

A Genesis, automaker of the Hyundai, recently arrived in China and announced its presence in the country in the way that it seems to have become the most popular there today: a drone show. But, to stand out in a type of event that is becoming “standard”, Genesis decided to appeal to the numbers, placing 3,281 drones in the air for your presentation and breaking the world record for the largest number of UAVs in a show of this type, flying in sync and forming images in the sky.

The previous record was from Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology, also obtained in China, with 3,051 drones in a show in September 2020. So the new number exceeds the previous number in more than 200 unmanned aerial vehicles. Intel was also a holder of this type of record a few years ago. In 2018, the company made one of these presentations, with 2,066 drones in California.

This kind of show, obviously, serves more as advertising than anything else. But it still serves as a demonstration of the continued growth in popularity and the development of drone technology. Comparing one of the first records recorded in this type of presentation with the numbers that are currently achieved, we have a considerable increase in the number of drones in the sky. And this is made possible only by the technologies that allow these drones not to collide with each other and align perfectly to form drawings while flying as if they were swarms.


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If the trend continues, with each new record we will see hundreds more drones in the sky, and it should not be long before Genesis is beaten by the next company that will want to attract attention with a show like this.

Another way that the use of drones in presentations is becoming more popular is in events that do not seek to break records like that, but that use smaller swarms to make a light show and complement the experience. Coachella, for example, used “only” 420 drones as part of the show in 2018.

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