AMD has already patented the future of graphics cards!

Although it is not a lie, it was on April 1 that AMD decided to patent the way its new graphics cards will work in the near future. We are talking about a chiplet type design, very similar to what AMD already uses in its Ryzen and Epyc processors, and which may well change the industry.

Interestingly, NVIDIA is watching, and it also seems to be working on something like that.

AMD has already patented the future of graphics cards!

Therefore, we are talking about a patent, so there is no possibility of being connected to the 1st of April. Especially because the patent confirms what had already been made public! That is, AMD is trying to create a GPU based on the strategy of using multiple chiplets in the same ‘package’.

Thus, in the new document we have a design with an ‘active bridge’ implemented to interconnect the chiplets through super fast memory, a bit like the L3 cache. In short, an information highway is available for all chiplets (in this patent, there are 3).

In this way, it is possible to make the information available in a unified way, even with three separate GPUs. Furthermore, in the same way that we also have some advantages in the world of Zen architecture, this allows for many savings, as well as a lot of potential for scaling performance for the processor giant.

What will this result in terms of performance? We still have no idea. But it seems to be a very interesting move on the part of AMD, in order to offer more performance, without having to deal with an increase in complexity and higher production costs.

Furthermore, what do you think about all of this? Will AMD be able to move ahead of NVIDIA with this new effort? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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