Nokia seeks alternative UI to Google’s Android One

Nokia seeks alternative UI to Google’s Android One
Nokia seeks alternative UI to Google’s Android One
HMD Global is the Finnish company responsible for Nokia’s current smartphones, having adopted “pure” Android as its bastion. Under its remit, in recent years, the manufacturer’s devices have managed to regain relevance in the market.

Now, however, the company will want to create a distinct identity for its smartphones when developing a own graphical interface (UI). The news is advanced by the XDA Developers portal based on the recent activity of the Finnish technology.

Nokia mainly uses Android One from Google

We stress that so far a good portion of their smartphones take advantage of Google’s Android One program. Under this, devices receive the software directly from Mountain View technology with “pure” Android, or stock.

According to the sources of the XDA Developers portal, based on the opening of a vacancy for “User Experience Designer”, the search for a new interface is thus pointed out. Something that can replace, or create an alternative to, the hitherto preferred Android One.

Note that the job description on LinkedIn is notoriously vague. The suggestion was made by one of the sources of the XDA Developers portal who claims to have exclusive knowledge of the dynamics of HMD Global and the motivation for this new position.

Alternative interface to Android One, or reinforcement of Nokia apps?

Thus, we can see a Global HDM creating its own graphical interface (UI) for application on its Android smartphones. On the other hand, it may be just to improve Nokia’s own applications, to optimize its interface.

We recall that Google’s Android One program does not prevent manufacturers like Nokia from placing their own applications on phones under this initiative. Thus, both options are open, whether it is the development of its own interface as an alternative to Android One, or the maintenance of this and optimization of its own apps.

It should also be noted that at the moment Nokia has few own applications included in their smartphones. The exceptions are the native camera application, as well as the My Phone app.

Among the competencies and responsibilities pointed out for the position is the design of elements such as menus, widgets, tabs, UI concepts and prototypes. It also includes the creation of graphic design and other key components of the user experience.

The person responsible for “UI / UX” will deliver the best mobile usage experience online and mobile, according to the vacancy description. Now, a little more identity and personalization of the company would not harm your phones, quite the contrary.

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