Mercedes A 45 AMG is candidate for more fun car for sale in Brazil – 05/04/2021

Mercedes A 45 AMG is candidate for more fun car for sale in Brazil – 05/04/2021
Mercedes A 45 AMG is candidate for more fun car for sale in Brazil – 05/04/2021
There are Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc. And there are cars that were created to be commonplace, but after being prepared, they become an inexhaustible source of fun. This group includes the Mercedes-AMG A 45, traditionally known as the A 45 AMG.

The prepared version of the Class A arrived in August last year to the Brazilian market for R $ 434,900. Seven months later, the price went to … Well, it increased a lot: R $ 518,900.

Valid price for an average hatchback of 421 hp, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, according to information from Mercedes-AMG? Everyone knows the price of their dream, but the fact is that the A 45 is a candidate for the most fun car on sale in Brazil.

It may not have the visceral sportiness of a Porsche 911, but it is a car capable of thrilling its driver and at least three passengers on a family trip over the weekend, for example. This without giving up daily obligations: going to work (at times without a home office), to the supermarket, to the mall, to the beach, etc.

In addition, the A 45 is one of the few medium hatches with complete sports preparation for sale in Brazil. In fact, it is a rare representative of this category as a whole. The average hatch is that car that fills the enthusiast’s heart with joy, but is increasingly rare in the national market.

Generation change and more defined skills

The old A 45 AMG was that hard-to-use car for everyday use. The problem? He hit ditches and speed bumps, even when you were very careful when passing. The bumper was knocking. The bottom of the car too – including in garages whose entrance is a descent on a ramp.

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This problem has been solved in the new generation, which, in the comfortable driving mode, is very docile to use on a daily basis. It no longer hits obstacles and garages, and the suspension is soft enough not to cause discomfort to occupants. You can even feel the impact with the floor, but not in an uncomfortable way.

The independent four-wheel suspension, however, changes depending on the selected driving mode. It gets harder, less docile and holds the car’s body more so that it can do well in curves and other changes in trajectory, fast accelerations and high speed.

There are Sport, Sport + and Race (race, in Portuguese), the most sporting. This function is for roads full of curves and uphill, which require a car stuck to the ground and a lot of strength to resume speed when exiting these trajectories.

And the A45 AMG does very well in these situations, with a very firm body, with no minimum rollover, and a colossal resumption of speed. Management responses are very straightforward and the system hardly requires corrections. You point, she responds.

The time to accelerate is a thrill only. In addition to the 421 hp, the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine delivers no less than 51 mkgf of torque. As it has a compressor, the maximum power delivery comes to just 5,000 rpm.

When it comes to accelerating, in the first milliseconds it looks like a normal car. It seems, because it soon fires ahead, causing disbelief in the drivers of the cars next door. How can a Mercedes-Benz A-Class be that fast.

There is even a sports car noise projected in the cabin, coming from the four-cylinder. It excites a lot, although it is clearly a little empowered. And you can only hear that noise inside the car. For those outside, no snoring. But who matters is who uses the vehicle, right?

The car has four-wheel drive and the power can even be distributed between the two behind. In addition to improving cornering performance, it prevents the driver from “losing” the front or rear in very strong accelerations. Extremely fast, the transmission is automated with eight speeds and two clutches.

The power-to-weight ratio of the light Mercedes-AMG A 45 is almost that of a super sports car: 3.7 kg / hp. The maximum speed, according to the automaker, is electronically limited to 270 km / h.

As for consumption, 85% of my test was done on an urban circuit. According to the car’s on-board computer, I did 6.2 km / h.

What the A 45 has

The seats are very ergonomic for those who want strong driving. Sporty, they have a headrest integrated into the backrest and great lateral support. With them, the driver stays very close to the ground, but there are electrical adjustments, including height, for the shortest.

The 45 AMG interior - Press Release - Press Release
Image: Disclosure

The steering wheel is from the AMG sports preparation division, with a straight base. The finish uses elements of Alcântara, aluminum and leather, and panel doors can have their lighting customized through a wide color palette.

The virtual instrument panel is also customizable, with several graphics and display options. Its screen is 10 “and is integrated to the central, of the same measure, of the MBUX multimedia system. With a touch-sensitive monitor, this feature also brings the artificial assistance technology” Oi, Mercedes “.

Through voice command, this system is able to perform some functions, such as changing songs and radio stations, opening the sunroof and changing the cabin temperature and lighting.

USB inputs are type C. Faster to recharge electronic devices than type A, they are only compatible with more modern smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12.

However, the car already comes with some adapters, for older smartphones. And do you know what is missing? An induction (cordless) phone charger. The new Mercedes-Benz GLA, cheaper (R $ 325 thousand), already offers this technology.

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