Captain sash on the wrist? Daniel Alves explains controversy

With the Paulista Championship stopped due to the covid-19 pandemic, the captain and shirt 10 of São Paulo, Daniel Alves, continues to prepare for training with the team and takes the opportunity to respond to followers on his Instagram account. The player asked a box of questions and commented on the controversy of the captain’s belt, which he used to wear on his wrist instead of putting on his arm, where the prop is usually used by the team captains. The question may seem silly, but it irritated part of the crowd.

“I think so too, but before damaging the shirt, I prefer to put it on the cuff. Velcro was damaging the shirt, but now to avoid stupid polemics, I put it on the inside,” said shirt 10 in response to a follower.

Daniel has been one of the main players of São Paulo in recent years, but he lives daily with the criticism of the fans due to some games below average. He even has amounts receivable from the club, in debt that totals R $ 11 million.

Shirt 10, like the squad of São Paulo, has not played for almost a month, since the state is stopped due to the pandemic of the covid-19.


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