Watch impressive Extreme E driver accident

Watch impressive Extreme E driver accident
Watch impressive Extreme E driver accident

The pilot Claudia Hürtgen left practically unharmed after flipping several times in the first classification of the Extreme E, em Al-Ula.

The new electric SUV racing category started in Saudi Arabia with shocking images. During the first classification for the Desert X-Prix, Hürtgen’s multiple rollover impressed those present.

The German, who shares the car in the Abt team with Mattias Ekström, slipped on the right corner.

“I went down the hill and I was hit on the right side. I think I hit a rock,” said the pilot, describing the course of the accident.

“It was very difficult and because I was very fast with the stone on the side at that moment, it happened. So I thought, ‘Oh, shit!’.”

After a few seconds, Hürtgen managed to leave the car alone.

“The problem for the team was that the radio was not working. So I could hear them, but I couldn’t say it was okay, ”he said.

“I waited and then everything was fine. At that moment as a pilot it seems like it lasted for hours.”

Except for a bite on the tongue, Hürtgen was unhurt. However, this does not apply to Abt’s Odyssey 21 electric car. The chassis will have to be replaced, which is why the team will not start in the second classification of the afternoon.

The fall of the German driver was not the only rollover in the first qualifying session, which, contrary to the usual regulations, does not take place in the form of two races, but as an individual time trial. Veloce’s Stephane Sarrazin had already fallen before hitting a bush.

Overall, only three of the nine teams went through the first qualifier without significant problems. At the top, there was a known duel in Formula 1: Nico Rosberg against Lewis Hamilton.

For the X44 team of the seven-time world champion, Sébastien Loeb and Cristina Gutierrez were the first to lead. Defeated only by Rosberg drivers Johan Kristoffersson and Molly Taylor, who were 4s5 faster.

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