Minas beats Praia de Virada and out third game for Superliga title

Minas beats Praia de Virada and out third game for Superliga title
Minas beats Praia de Virada and out third game for Superliga title

In intense classic, the Mines gave the change in Beach Club and led to the definition of the title of Women’s Super League for the third match of the decisive series. On Saturday night, at Vlei Development Center, in Saquarema-RJ, the Belo Horizonte team beat the rival of Uberlndia, by turning, by 3 sets to 1, and kept the dream of the fourth national championship. The partials of game 2 of the final were 25/19, 20/25, 25/27 and 23/25.

In the first match of the final, Praia Clube won against Minas, winning 3 sets to 1 (partials of 25/21, 25/12, 21/25 and 25/22). The decisive classic for the Superliga cup will be this Monday (5/4), at 21h, again in Saquarema.This Saturday, the award for best player on the court was given to Pri daroit, which commanded the reaction of Minas. The tip scored 16 points in the match. Another highlight of the winning team was the North American Danielle Cuttino, with 21 points. As in the first game, the main scorer was Brayelin Martnez, from Praia Clube, with 22 points. Fernanda Garary, with 17, also shone for the team of Tringulo Mineiro.

The game – Praia Clube started the first set at a breakneck pace and opened 7-0 on the scoreboard. Minas failed a lot in the beginning of the stage, mainly in Dani Cuttino’s attacks, which gave the opponent four points. After the intervention of coach Nicola Nigro, the minastenists managed to reduce the handicap, with Pri Daroit and Megan in the offensive command. However, the Belo Horizonte team failed to maintain regularity and returned to show disorganization on the court. With Martnez and F Garay in the spotlight, Praia continued with an aggressive stance, hit the block in the decisive moments and closed the set by 25 a 19in 34 minutes.

If in the first set there were only four errors, Praia failed a lot in the second stage. Minas ‘stopped’ Martnez and exploited Megan’s attacks well with Macris’s passes. The team from Uberlndia balanced the actions, came to turn the score (15 to 14), but returned to sin in the attack. The minastenists took advantage, opened a good advantage and, with ace from Pri Daroit, closed the set by 25 to 20, in 37 minutes.

The third set was very balanced and exciting. Carol Gattaz set Minas on fire, effectively turning and blocking. On the other hand, Michelle Pavo’s category dictated the pace of Praia. With Cuttino consistent in the attack, Minas led the scoring with a good advantage until Thasa’s serve error (15 to 12). From then on, the game became le c. The final stretch had turns and set points in the hands of both teams. The nervousness weighed heavily, and Praia failed at the decisive moment. Dani Cuttino’s start and Megan’s powerful spike ensured the Belo Horizonte team’s triumph in the third round: 27 a 25in 40 minutes.

The fourth set remained the same. Dani Cuttino unbalanced for Minas. At Praia, Claudinha managed to distribute good balls to F Garay and Martnez. During the stage, the uberlanders did not repeat the intensity of the previous sets and allowed the rival to open an advantage on the scoreboard. Confident Pri Daroit and Cuttino spiked sheik attacks. Martinez and Minostenista’s error of reception gave Praia survival in the decisive stretch. Nicola Nigro, to stop the adversary reaction, asked for time. Minas returned colder and decreed the end of the game, in the 41st minute, by scoring 25 a 23, with Megan diagonal.

Praia Clube x Minas

Beach Club: Claudinha, Brayelin Martinez, Michelle, Carol, Walewska, Fernanda Garay and Suelen (lbero). They entered: Monique, Mari Paraba, Angelia, Anne, and Rosane. Coach: Paulo Coco.

Mines: Macrs, Danielle Cuttino, Pri Daroit, Megan, Thaisa, Carol Gattaz and Lia (lbero). Entered: Pri Heldes, Camila Mesquita and Kasiely. Coach: Nicola Negro.

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