CBLOL 2021: Abaxial regrets the elimination of Flamengo: “We didn’t use it well for 3 weeks”

Despite having finished the Regular Phase of the 1st split of CBLOL 2021 and already qualifying straight to the semifinals, Flamengo was defeated by paiN Gaming this Saturday (3) and said goodbye to the chance of winning this first stage.

After the end of the Md5 series, Flamengo’s coach, Abaxial, participated in the press conference, where he spoke of the problems that his team faced during the five games against paiN. He also admitted that the team did not make the best use of the three-week break.

Abaxial lamented Flamengo’s apathy in a series against paiN (Photo: Riot Games)

“This period was difficult for us, but it is usually not so. Generally, this time is an advantage, because you can study your opponents, but we don’t use it well, unfortunately. It is just that. We had problems with our training during those weeks, but it’s more about us. If it were two weeks, maybe we would play even worse ”, declared the North American coach.

Also according to Abaxial, one of the biggest problems that Flamengo faced in the series was the poor vision coverage and in the macro-game (rotation around the map, for example). “We were weak in these areas. We were not horrible, but we didn’t get the advantages we got during the Regular Phase. ”

“We were much better at this during the points phase. I don’t know, we were playing less than we could in training too ”, he concludes.

Apathetic Flamengo is more a draft problem than a mentality

Regarding a possible apathy of Flamengo in the matches, Abaxial believes that the problem was more the drafts assembled during the series. “We had picks that don’t have a lot of proactivity in the game, for example, Ezreal, we didn’t have support with engage, we had Volibear … So, if we don’t have the right early-game, it will seem like we’re not doing anything.”

“I said, Pades also said that we could be more proactive, we talked about vision, the opportunity to engage, these things, but also about the picks. I think it’s more about that than our mentality, ”says the coach.

Abaxial believes that Flamengo’s apathy is more of a draft problem than a mentality (Photo: Riot Games)

Eliminated, Flamengo now focuses its attention on preparing for the 2nd split of CBLOL, which starts in mid-June. The semifinals of the first stage continue this Sunday (4) with Vorax x RED Canids Kalunga, where the winner faces paiN Gaming in the Grand Final, scheduled for the 17th of this month.

You can check the complete coverage of CBLOL here at Mais Esports.

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