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Football is played for empty stands all over Europe due to coronary restrictions.

In Germany, many believe that Uefa has distanced itself from the light when they want to host the European Championships with the public this summer.

– They only show, once again, how far the parallel value of football has moved away from the novering wealth in society, says politician Dagmar Freitag (SPD).

She is a member of the German Bundestag and a member of the Sports Committee. She lashes out at UEFA’s attitude, pointing to the challenges Europe is facing with the corona infection.

Not least in Germany. The country just decided to extend the closure to 18 April after the infection rate increased again.

– UEFA’s demands testify to irresponsibility in view of the challenges that the 12 host countries are currently facing, Freitag told AFP.

Politician and leader of the Sports Committee in the German Bundestag, Dagmar Freitag (SPD).
Photo: Fabian Strauch / DPA

May be premature

Uefa has given the organizer cities a deadline of 7 April. Then they will tell if they can, or will, let the audience in on campaigns during the European Football Championship, which starts on 11 June.

Uefa demands that at least 30 percent of the stadium capacity be used, and will have this in place before the Uefa Congress on 20 April. During that congress, the number of host cities may be reduced.

Because if the answer is that some of the European Championship cities do not want to allow the public in the stands, they are in danger of losing their status as organizers.

“All organizers must guarantee that there are fans present,” Ceferin recently told Croatian media.

Denmark and Copenhagen have signaled that they will meet these requirements and guarantee that there will be a minimum of 11,000-12,000 supporters for the European Championship campaigns to be played in the Park.

But for many of the host cities, it may be too early to come up with such guarantees, while Europe is still struggling with the corona pandemic.

Glasgow and Dublin are among those who have said it is too early to promise such a thing.

– I think more people will withdraw

In a podcast on the BBC, the German journalist and author Raphael Honigstein says that he expects more organizers to not be able to host this summer’s European Championships.

– I think more cities will withdraw, he says.

– I am not at all sure that Munich will be able to guarantee “that everything is fine in June”, Honigstein comments.

At Bayern Munich’s home stadium, Allianz Arena, it has not had our audience since March 8, 2020 due to coronation measures by the German authorities.

The arena will be the stadium during the group stage of the European Championships, and also one of the quarter finals in the championship.

But Dieter Reiter, mayor of Munich, can in no way promise that it will happen to the public at present.

– At this time, it is simply not possible to say whether it will be possible to allow supporters in June, says Deiter in an interview with Bild.

Borgermester i Munich, Dieter Reiter.
Photo: Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

– 10 or 11 countries

The European Football Championship 2020 was to unite Football Europe, 60 years after the first European Football Championship was held. Therefore, the European Championships this time were divided into 12 different host countries.

But in 2020, the coronavirus will affect the world and it will become clear that there will be no Euro 2020. At least not in 2020.

Uefa has so far chosen to stick to the original concept with 12 organizer cities. Now it is also working hard to get the organizing cities to accept the demand for the audience at the stadium during campaigns.

– The ideal is to play the tournament in the original 12 cities, but if it is not possible, we will continue in either 10 or 11 countries if one or more of the cities can not meet the necessary conditions, comments the Uefa president.

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