Coritiba climbs reserves, suffers 1st loss of the season and bitter ten-year fast

Coritiba climbs reserves, suffers 1st loss of the season and bitter ten-year fast
Coritiba climbs reserves, suffers 1st loss of the season and bitter ten-year fast
Coritiba lost 1-0 to Operário, this Saturday (3rd) in the afternoon, in Ponta Grossa, for the 5th round of the Paranaense Championship. With the result, the team from the capital was in 4th place, with 6 points in 3 games. Cianorte and FC Cascavel lead, with 10 points in 4 games. The Operário is in 3rd place, with 7 points in 4 games. At the end of the first phase, the first eight advance to the quarterfinals.

Coach Gustavo Morínigo decided to save nine players in the starting lineup because he faces the same Operário on Tuesday, but in the duel for the second phase of the Copa do Brasil. The match will be in Joinville, with Coritiba’s field command.

Click here to see the ACTIONS – notes for Coritiba players.

This was Coritiba’s 4th game in the 2021 season. Before that, it had three victories: against União-MT (Copa do Brasil), Maringá and Cascavel CR.

Coritiba has not beaten Operário in Ponta Grossa in ten years. The last victory occurred in 2011. See the latest clashes between the two clubs in the Interior:
factory worker 0x1 Coritiba – Paranaense 2011
factory worker 2×2 Coritiba – Paranaense 2012
factory worker 0x0 Coritiba – Paranaense 2013
factory worker 2×0 Coritiba – Paranaense 2015
factory worker 2×2 Coritiba – Paranaense 2019
factory worker 1×1 Coritiba – Serie B 2019
factory worker 1×0 Coritiba – Paranaense 2021

Coritiba had a bad performance. He barely attacked and was not solid defensively. The team did not create chances and scored little. The Operário also did not make a good start. He was solid defensively and organized in the construction of the plays, but he did not attack much. In addition to the goal, he only took danger in three other moves.

The casualties were defender Henrique Verdmut, midfielder Jhony Douglas, midfielder Mattheus Oliveira and winger / midfielder Rafinha, all in recovery. Morínigo decided to choose only two players: defenders Luciano Castán and Wellington Carvalho.

Morínigo maintained the 4-2-3-1 of the last rounds, this time with Matheus Bueno and Matheus Sales as defensive midfielders. The line of three had Valdeci (center), Luiz Henrique (left) and Tailson (right). Pablo Thomaz was the center forward. The Operário, on the other hand, used the 4-1-4-1, with Leandro Vilela (ex-Paraná Clube) as the only midfielder.

As it has become a tradition in the clashes in Ponta Grossa, the game was with a lot of physical dispute and hit balls, and few plays worked by the center of the field. The Operário managed to control most of the first half and had a great chance, in the 4th minute, in a free kick by Jean Carlo, who put Bonfim in the face of the goal. He kicked it out. In addition, the team from the Interior bothered with a side kick straight into the area and a kick from outside the area. Coxa only took some danger in finishing off outside the Valdeci area.

On the way back from the break, Operário returned with Felipe Garcia and Schumacher on the team. At 8, the first substitutions at Coritiba, with the departures of Tailson and Valdeci, for the entries of midfielder Robinho and of the forward Cerutti. It did little good. The match followed ‘brigade’ and little played. The Operário scored 1 to 0 at 17, in a cross by Alex Silva, Arthur’s fault and a header by Schumacher (ex-Athletico-PR). At 23, center-forward Pablo Thomaz came out and striker Igor Paixão came in, who was centered in the attack. The scheme followed suit. The game scenario has not changed. At 35, Morínigo took out Matheus Sales and put forward Waguininho. Lucas Nathan, a former Caldense midfielder, also joined at 35 to make his debut for Coxa.

At 41, Matheus Bueno slapped Leandro Vilela and ended up expelled. Coritiba had one player less.

Worker: Simão; Alex Silva (Fábio Alemão), Rafael Bonfim, Léo Rigo e Silva; Leandro Vilela; Jean Carlo (Leandrinho), Pedro Ken, Marcelo (Felipe Garcia) and Rafael Oller (Fabiano); Ricardo Bueno (Schumacher). Coach: Matheus Costa
Coritiba: Arthur; Igor, Wellington Carvalho, Luciano Castán and Guilherme Biro (Lucas Nathan); Matheus Sales (Waguininho) and Matheus Bueno; Luiz Henrique, Valdeci (Robinho) and Tailson (Cerutti); Pablo Thomaz (Igor Paixão). Coach: Gustavo Morínigo
Goal: Schumacher (17-2º)
Expulsion: Matheus Bueno (41-2º)
Yellow cards: Alex Silva, Leandro Vilela, Felipe Garcia (O) Luiz Henrique, Luciano Castán (C).
Location: Germano Krüger Stadium, in Ponta Grossa

First time
4 – Left foul. Jean Carlo crosses. Bonfim receives it in the face of the goal, but kicks it out.
9 – Silva takes the right side to the area. Pedro Ken dodges his head. The ball passes close.
18 – Valdeci pulls a counter attack and kicks from outside the box. The ball goes to the side.
22 – Leandro Vilela kicks from outside the box. The ball goes over the goal.
39 – Igor crosses. Pablo Thomaz and Tailson do not reach.

Second time
17 – Goal of the Operário. Alex Silva crosses from the right. Arthur pats, but does not deflect the ball’s trajectory. Schumacher heads on the 2nd post.
23 – Silva kicks hard, from outside the box. Arthur defends.

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