LBFF 2021: team tries to vacancy using 4G in car after blackout | free fire

– This is the condition that we are playing, in the car, to see if the 4G catches – says the publication of the leader Andryw Antony.

The 4G / LTE network promises speeds of up to 100 Mbps, but the speed in data transmission, in addition to varying from place to place, is lower than wired broadband. The disparity in connection practically makes participation unfeasible – the team finished in 12th and last place with five kills and only 17 points (leader INTZ ended with 90 points and 33 kills).

– We were confident during all the stages of Serie B and we did not expect all that happened to happen. It ended our biggest dream, which was to go up to Serie A – said the CEO.

1 of 1 Free Fire: blackout in Manaus makes Amazon Cripz try to place via 4G – Photo: Reproduction / WhatsApp

Free Fire: blackout in Manaus makes Amazon Cripz try to place via 4G – Photo: Reproduction / WhatsApp

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As soon as the event began to be reported, the community published several messages of support. In the official broadcast, the caster CamilotaXP made a point of showing solidarity. Rodrigo El Gato, CEO of Los Grandes, the only team in the access division to take a seat for Serie A, went further and said he would try to help AmazonCripz get sponsorship and conditions for a GH in São Paulo.

The document containing regulation of LBFF 2021, in item 7.2, says that the equipment and connection in the remote games are the team’s responsibility and rules out pauses or compensations in case of problems.

7.2 During the Match – As with the equipment, in remote games the connection to the internet is the responsibility of the players / teams themselves. In the event of a connection problem during a match, the team / player must inform the LBFF organization so that they can assess the case and offer possible support, but there will be no break or any other compensation.

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