Neymar continues fight with Lille rival after expulsion and needs to be restrained by security guards in tunnel

After being expelled in 1-0 defeat by PSG to Lille this Saturday for the French Championship, striker Neymar was very nervous and continued fighting with defender Tiago Djaló in the tunnel of the locker rooms.

Images from the cameras that broadcast the game showed the Brazilians arguing a lot with the Portuguese, appearing to be quite upset.

Then, a beginning of confusion begins, with Neymar trying to get on top of the defender, even reaching out to touch the opponent’s face.

However, security guards come on the scene immediately and prevent the athletes from actually getting on the road.

As there were no microphones around, it is not possible to know what both talked and / or discussed.

Check out the video below:

In the expulsion of Neymar, Djaló took with his hands a ball that came out from the side and belonged to the PSG. The Brazilian tried to retake it and pushed the Portuguese, who fell to the ground.

The referee then showed the 2nd yellow to shirt 10 and expelled him from the match – Djaló “embarked” together and also took a red card.

It was precisely there that the confusion started, with the two arguing a lot and arguing about the bid.

The spirits did not cool, and the glimmer went on to the locker room tunnel.

With the defeat, PSG lost the French leadership precisely to Lille and will not have Neymar in next Saturday’s game against Strasbourg, at the Stade de la Meinau.

It is worth remembering that this Saturday’s match was the Brazilian’s first game after being absent for a long time due to injury.

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