CBLOL 2021: brTT: “Without a doubt, this will be one of the most important finals of my career”

After another series of five games, paiN Gaming beat Flamengo and is in the Grand Final of the 1st split of CBLOL 2021. This Saturday (3), the team led by brTT and the company suffered, but managed the 3 × 2, counting on two Draven picks along Md5.

Going to his 9th final in his career, brTT participated in the press conference and said that each of these decisions has a special taste, but that this one from the first stage of 2021 will be one of the most important. He explains why:

brTT is going to its 9th CBLOL final (Photo: LoL Esports BR)

“Because of what it is worth. Not only a matter of being able to prove myself, showing that I still have the condition to bring a title, but as a matter of paiN I have been waiting for that title for a long time. Such a huge crowd, I can’t accept that they wait so long for this, so I would say that this is, without a doubt, one of the most important finals of my career ”, declared the shooter.

Hustling was a big problem for paiN

The “cockroach”, as he is known by his closest friends, also told what was most problematic for paiN in this series against Flamengo: Afobação. “There was a lack of calm today. I even said that a few times during the games, there was a lot of hustle and bustle, especially in moments of struggles and goals, and we are very good at it. ”

“That’s it, playoff is playoff, nerves are on edge, a lot of things change, often the team doesn’t play as usual, and that’s what happened. A lot of hustle and bustle, maybe a little nervousness, or even wanting to end the game quickly, knowing that we were ahead, may have influenced. The rush made us lose two games ”, he explains.

Now with Luci at Bot, paiN reaches yet another CBLOL Final (Photo: paiN Gaming)

“Prove to myself that I can still be a champion”

brTT also answered what keeps him acting professionally, being the athlete with the longest career and most often champion of CBLOL. He says that the biggest reason to keep playing is himself. “I like the competition, I like to prove to myself that I haven’t given my time yet.”

He points out, however, another important reason. “An issue that weighs a lot is that I bring this title to paiN, who has been waiting for a long time and I went back to that. If I stop without being a champion, it would taste very bad, a feeling of not doing my duty. I don’t know, I would be very disappointed in myself as a person and as an athlete. ”

Evolution of Cariok and Tinowns is absurd, according to brTT

The five-time national champion AD Carry also praised his teammates, especially Cariok and Tinowns. For him, the duo has evolved “absurdly” since the end of the 2nd split of 2020. “I am very happy when I see them both, both in communication and in their posture. Seeing them like this gives me a lot more confidence that we will come out with the title. ”

Cariok paiN Final CBLOL
Cariok was the MVP of the series against Flamengo (Photo: Riot Games)

Finally, on criticism and external elements that can hinder the team, brTT says that he is donating as much as possible to prevent this from happening to the rest of the paiN cast. “I use my free time to do things that leave my head and my psychological well, one example is boxing.”

“I’m giving myself a lot for the team”

“It is something that has helped me a lot in terms of maintaining my sanity and makes me start the day well and focus on training. The support of the family is very important, but I have closed myself in a way, for this CBLOL, for this title, in a way that I hadn’t done in a long time. I’m giving myself a lot for the team ”, he concluded.

PaiN is already in the final of the 1st split of CBLOL 2021 and awaits his opponent, which will be defined in the Md5 series this Sunday (4) between Vorax x RED Canids Kalunga. The Grand Final is scheduled for the 17th of this month.

You can check the complete coverage of CBLOL here at Mais Esports.

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