Attention, FC Porto: Matheus Pereira and WBA beat Chelsea (VIDEO)

There is good news for FC Porto. The WBA exposed Chelsea’s many weaknesses to the world and won 5-2 at Stamford Bridge. Matheus Pereira, ex-Sporting, made a tremendous display and scored the top two of Sam Allardyce’s team, who are still distressed in the Premier League.

It is true that Thiago Silva was sent off in the 29th minute, in the game in which he returned from injury, but even before that Chelsea showed weaknesses that they had not yet demonstrated with Thomas Tuchel.

Erratic in the first phase of construction, the three defenders and midfielder Jorginho put Mendy’s goal in a start and Pulisic’s goal (1-0 free-kick from Alonso), even seemed unfair to the WBA.

Plenty of space between the defensive line and the two midfielders (Kovacic and Jorginho), difficulty in reacting to the loss and in controlling the space that goes between the goalkeeper Mendy and the rear trio. Sérgio Conceição has a lot to explore here, this Chelsea is far, far from being insurmountable.

If the team was bad, it was worse without Thiago Silva. Upon the break, in the first half discounts, Matheus Pereira scored two beautiful goals (see them HERE) and warned that the worst was yet to come for Chelsea. And it came.

In the second half, substitute Callum Robinson made a great first shot of 1-3 and Diagne finished the WBA’s best play in the class with a class of 1-4. Mason Mount’s goal only served to slightly speed up Tuchel’s heartbeat as Robinson scored twice and closed the scoring in a scandalous 2-5.

The WBA has not won at Stamford Bridge since 1978. For the attention of FC Porto.

VIDEO: WBA’s great collective play in 1-4


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