CBLOL 2021: paiN wins Flamengo and is qualified for the final

The first semifinal of CBLOL 2021 took place this Saturday (03) between paiN Gaming and Flamengo. In a disputed series, brTT and company arrived better prepared and secured the 3-2, qualifying for the grand final of the tournament.

PaiN was the one who opened the scoring in the series, untied by Cariok who made the game run with his Udyr, besides guaranteeing space for his team to get all the dragons of the match and finish in 30 minutes, with a slaughter score of 22-14.

Flamengo woke up for the second game and Parang pulled the responsibility to lead the team in the tie of the series. Playing Rumble, he was the highlight of the game and finished 6/3/9. Merits also to Tutsz, who played with Azir and finished 7/3/8.

In the third game again it was Cariok’s turn to shine, reaching two levels in front of the Ranger, who did not have a good start. PaiN again secured control of all the dragons and managed to finish the game in the 31st minute, entitled to TripTeple Kill from brTT and his Jinx.

Ranger redeemed himself with a great performance in the fourth game, and together with Jayce do Parang, it was crucial for Flamengo to tie the series. The player finished 5/1/12 and was the front line of his team, taking the decision to the fifth and final game!

In the fifth game again brTT picked up Draven, his signature champion. PaiN focused on neutralizing Parang, which had been the red-black highlight in the series, and with that it made room for Robo to stay up to two levels ahead. With good fights the team guaranteed the game on 28 minutes and finished the series in 3-2, qualifying for the final!

PaiN will wait for the confrontation between Vorax and RED Canids to know who will face in the decision. You can check the complete coverage of CBLOL 2021 here at Mais Esports.


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