Betrayed, Gabigol takes revenge with silence. And lawsuit against Globo – Prisma

Betrayed, Gabigol takes revenge with silence. And lawsuit against Globo – Prisma
Betrayed, Gabigol takes revenge with silence. And lawsuit against Globo – Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

Absolute silence.

Gabigol remains revolted.

And willing to stop giving interviews to Globo, Sportv, Globo radio, O Globo newspaper, Extra newspaper.

All vehicles linked to Globo.

The sense of betrayal of Flamengo’s greatest idol only increases.

Because of not being able to block in court the screening of the Predestinated documentary.

Since March 28, Globoplay, streaming from Rio de Janeiro’s broadcaster, has shown the series that, in the player’s view, should show his career, overcoming after not adapting to Europe. Winning the Olympic gold medal.

In other words, focusing on the most positive points of his career, believed the attacker, who opened his life, allowed interviews of his family members, provided unpublished photos and videos.

But the station decided, in the last hour, to spend three minutes and thirty seconds of the player’s detention in a crowded clandestine casino in São Paulo. In the middle of a pandemic.

Pure embarrassment, in the understanding of the attacker and the agency that takes care of the athlete’s career and image.

The series ended up being a shot in the foot.

Because instead of praising the attacker, he scratched his image.

Managers of major clubs in Europe, where the striker intends to return one day, have demonstrated an act of enormous irresponsibility of the player.

That is the reason for Gabigol’s revolt.

4Comm / Gabigol Esportes Ltda, a company that takes care of the athlete’s image, sues the broadcaster for R $ 2 million. He alleges breach of contract, since there was an item in the document that required the company’s analysis and authorization before the series went on the air.

Hence the revolt of Flamengo’s top scorer.

And his silence in relation to all the press organs of Globo.

The 24-year-old is very disgusted.

He does not see a path of reconciliation.

Since the series has been running for 13 days.

And Globoplay does not intend to take it off the air.

Much less cut your flag at the casino.

The player’s weapons are two.

The R $ 2 million lawsuit.

And the silence …

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