Fortaleza x Bahia: see what’s at stake and likely lineup – Play

Fortaleza x Bahia: see what’s at stake and likely lineup – Play
Fortaleza x Bahia: see what’s at stake and likely lineup – Play
Among many supporters’ criticisms and criticisms, but good results, the strength enough for what should be, aside from Classic King, the main challenge in the group stage of the Copa do Nordeste. At 16 hours, Tricolor faces the Bahia, at Arena Castelão, and with a great responsibility: to try to guarantee the classification for the next phase of the competition.

To mathematically guarantee the spot, you just need to win the game, without depending on any other combination of results. However, you may be able to secure classification even if you tie (if Salgueiro and Altos do not win CRB and Santa Cruz, respectively, on Sunday) or even losing (if Salgueiro and Altos lose their matches).

Enderson Moreira faces pressure from fans at the helm of Fortaleza

Kid Jr/SVM

Time to work

The scenario is positive, and the expectation is that there will be an evolution in the performance presented by the team led by Enderson Moreira. O coach had a free week for training for the first time in the season, something that I so wanted, and the Leo fan, who is already scolding the coach, demands more organization and better performances from the team.

This will also be necessary to erase the terrible image that the Fortaleza fan has of the last meeting between the two teams, which ended with Bahian goal for 4 to 0 at the same Castelão Arena, which will host this Saturday’s duel.

Training with embezzlement

Yago Pikachu should return to the starting lineup of Fortaleza

Kid Jr/SVM

Enderson took advantage of the period to conduct tests throughout the week, but the lineup remains a mystery. What is certain is that he will not be able to count on the defender Wanderson, who had been a holder, but will not be able to act by contractual loan clause with Bahia, nor with the steering wheel Ronald, which had a loan contract terminated to settle definitively with the club. As a result, he has no playing conditions.

The quarterback Marcelo Benevenuto, recently hired, has not yet been regularized and is also out, as well as the right-back Tinga, who is recovering from injury. For the rest, no other embezzlement due to suspension or contusion.

The right-back Daniel Guedes, which had been improving the physical part, and the steering wheel Felipe, which had not even been listed for any other game, should be options for the game, at least on the bench. Besides them, Yago Pikachu, who was saved against the 4th of July, should return to the starting lineup.

Sick opponent

In the last duel against Bahia, Fortaleza was beaten by 4 to 0

Fabiane de Paula / SVM

But the promise is one of many difficulties. Opponent of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, Bahia kept the coach Dado Cavalcanti, who does continuity work, and has good players.

He is the vice-leader of Group A, with ten points won after three victories, a draw and two defeats, and he is packed by the 5-0 victory over Altos-PI. The center forward Gilberto shone and scored four goals, drawing in Nordestão’s artillery with Dellatorre (CSA) e Break Lucão (CRB).

> Bahia disembarks in Fortaleza to face the Lion

Rossi and Rodriguinho complement a high quality offensive trio. Shirt number 10 was the highlight in the last time the two teams faced each other, with three goals.

Best offense vs. Best defense

The duel will put face to face the best attack and the best defense of the competition so far. In six games, Fortaleza took only three goals, dividing the leadership in the least leaked defense aspect of the competition with Ceará.

On the other hand, Bahia owns the most goal-scoring attack by Nordestão, having swung the opposing networks 13 times so far.


  • Fortaleza x Bahia – 7th round of the Copa do Nordeste
  • Date: April 3
  • Hours: 16 hours
  • Location: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza-CE
  • Probable Fortaleza: Felipe Alves; Yago Pikachu, Quintero, Jackson and Bruno Melo; Matheus Jussa, Éderson and Luiz Henrique; Robson, David and Wellington Paulista (Coutinho). Coach: Enderson Moreira.
  • Probable Fortress: Douglas Friedrich; Nino, Germán Conti, Lucas Fonseca and Matheus Bahia; Patrick de Lucca, Edson and Daniel; Rodriguinho, Rossi and Gilberto. Coach: Dado Cavalcanti

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