[1-1] FC Porto-Santa Clara: Loss of Taremi

[1-1] FC Porto-Santa Clara: Loss of Taremi
[1-1] FC Porto-Santa Clara: Loss of Taremi
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59′ – Great loss of Taremi. Thrown by Uribe on the back of the Azorean defense, the Iranian missed the shot.

55 ‘- GOOOOOOOLOOOOOO DO SANTA CLARA! BRAND CARLOS JÚNIOR. Brazilian shoots without chances for Marchesín.

55′ – Diogo Leite is shown a yellow card.

54′ – New penalty awarded on the Dragon. This time it’s for Santa Clara. Lincoln is fouled by Diogo Leite.

53′ – Nanú is shown a yellow card. He is the first defender in the I Liga this year.

52′ – Change in Santa Clara. Cryzan leaves and Rui Costa enters.

Check out the blues and whites goal


48′ – Marco Pereira is shown a yellow card.

48′ – The penalty is confirmed.

47′ – Penalty for FC Porto. Otávio isolates Taremi, who overtakes Marco. The goalkeeper misses and Hugo Miguel points to the eleven-meter mark.

46 ‘- Restart the game.

45 + 1 ‘- Interval at the Dragon.

45′ – Another minute of compensation at the Dragon.

39′ – Villanueva heads for Marchesín’s defense.

38′ – Great cut by Diogo Leite. Carlos Jr dominates in the Porto area, but the Porto defender anticipates and cuts to the corner.

36′ – Nené swerves over the top after a free-kick.

35′ – Sérgio Oliveira tries a studied move, but no one responded.

33′ – Dangerous crossing of Manafá, but Marco was attentive and managed to get away.

27′ – What a danger to FC Porto’s goal! Lincoln hits the free-kick, and in the area Nené appears who shot the first. Marchesín moved as far as he could through the bottom line.

25′ – Thrown by Otávio, Marega crosses the ball to Marco’s defense.

19′ – Nanú tries a cross, but the ball is deflected and ends up in Marco’s hands.

18′ – Manafá took a cross, but Taremi’s header goes wide.

17′ – Sérgio Oliveira again. The midfielder threw a ‘bomb’ from outside the box, when everyone expected a cross, but the ball goes wide.

14′ – Sérgio Oliveira opts for a long-range shot, but Marco caught the ball.

11′ – Otávio crosses to the area looking for Marega, but João Afonso clears the ball.

Check the goal of the goal canceled against Santa Clara

10′ – The Brazilian striker’s offside is confirmed.

8′ – Rafael Ramos takes a cross into the box. Carlos Júnior put the ball in the back of the net, but the referee signaled it out of play. The bid is being reviewed by the VAR.

4′ – Weak shot from Otávio into the hands of Marco Pereira.

0 ‘- The match starts at Dragão.

Our S:

FC Porto: Marchesín; Nanu, Pepe, Diogo Leite and Manafá; Otávio, Sérgio Oliveira, Uribe and Luis Díaz; Marega and Taremi.

Santa Clara: March; Rafael Ramos, João Afonso, Mikel Villanueva and Mansur; Ukra, Morita, Nené and Lincoln; Carlos Júnior and Cryzan.


FC Porto: Diogo Costa, Mbemba, Zaidu, Grujic, Fábio Vieira, Francisco Conceição, Corona, Evanilson and Toni Martínez.

Santa Clara: André Ferreira, Rodolfo, Sagna, João Lucas, Tassano, Lucas Marques, Costinha, Jean Patric and Rui Costa.

Preview: This Saturday FC Porto seeks to reconnect with the leader Sporting and provisionally reduce the difference to seven points in the reception to Santa Clara, in a game of the 25th round of the I League.

The match at Estádio do Dragão takes place a few days before the game with Chelsea counting for the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, which, certainly, will already be in the minds of some players.

In the event of a triumph, FC Porto, which occupies second place in the league table, is seven points behind leaders Sporting, who only enter the field on Monday at the Moreirense field.

The match between FC Porto and Santa Clara has its opening whistle set for 8:30 pm and you can follow it, live and in detail, on the Sports to the Minute.

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