Benfica Quinta dos Lombos Futsal Liga Placard



The futsal team of Benfica had a demanding afternoon. He was never at a disadvantage on the scoreboard, but the triumph was not easy to stamp (4-3). Fábio Cecílio he untied the knot in the final moments and the eagles secured the three points, in front of Quinta dos Lombos, in the 28th round of the Liga Placard.

A better start was impossible! Joel rocha surprised in the first ball possession and put Rafael Henmi as an advanced goalkeeper. The eagles gained an advantage in the attacking movement. Henmi advanced through the center, Tiago Brito, in possession of the spherical, was positioned on the right flank and, not selfishly, crossed towards the second post where Chishkala, letting go of the score, just had to pull over for the first of the challenge (1-0).

Quinta dos Lombos did not plead, he advanced his lines and began to create some danger moves. To the 7′, Ivo Oliveira won the lead and, already inside the area, tried the pass for his teammate. The spherical hit Fits’ hand and the referee pointed to the penalty mark. Rúben Santos was in charge of the conversion and did not fail. André Correia chose the right side, but the ball took the opposite direction (1-1).

As eagles they were looking for new solutions, but the opposing team was well positioned on the court and did not give many spaces. In a moment of deconcentration, 12′, O Benfica could have capitalized … Counterattack, Robinho placed a diagonal pass from one flank to the other and Chishkala, in the right place, he tried to do the right thing by beating the ball over Paulo Pereira, however, the ball came out with too much force and ended up going over the bar. The steamroller continued and the Russian wing / universal it was one of the most prominent elements. Offensive moves, submissions, but also recoveries. One of them, 14′, almost turned into a goal. The attempt just did not happen because the guardian of Quinta dos Lombos managed to stop the bomb delivered by Fits.

It was guessed that the goal could come after an opponent’s failure and so it was. Paulo Pereira went up a lot, took a chance and, pressured by Fits, lost the ball. The little round left over for Robinho who, with no one in the net, just had to touch and wait for the ball to cross the goal line (2-1 to the 17′). The visitors tried to attack the opponent and tried to benefit from a possible sixth foul of benfiquistas. The infraction was committed by Tiago Brito and, in the last seconds of the first part, Quinta dos Lombos benefited from a free direct. Rúben Santos advanced, shot low towards the bottom left corner and managed to dodge André Correia. At break: 2-2.

Tiago Brito at Benfica-Quinta dos Lombos

The game play remained similar at the start of the match. The outsiders were very closed in the back sector and it was difficult for Benfica to drill into finishing zones. Exception made to Silvestre Ferreira’s move on 24 ‘. The young eagle athlete – calledrecently, for the first time to the Portugal team – he did not give up on the move, he advanced, retreated, dribbled and, already leaning against the bottom line on the left flank, shot for the goal. The ball went directly to Paulo Pereira’s left heel and, consequently, to the opponent’s goal nets (3-2).

The meeting insisted on not making a decision and the response from Quinta dos Lombos was prompt and effective. Long throw, Rúben Santos, with his back to the goal, received and prepared the shot. Arthur appeared at full speed, tried to cut, but hit the opponent’s foot and not the ball. The referee called a new penalty. Martim Figueira replaced André Correia for this move and almost saved the powerful shot. The young guardian managed to touch the ball with his upper chest, but the ball, which came with an upward trajectory, ended up entering (3-3).

Fábio Cecílio at Benfica-Quinta dos Lombos

O five to four was the last weapon to be used, in the final moments, by both teams. It remained to discover who or if anyone was going to untie this knot … It was not late or early, it was at the right time! Involvement move, Tiago Brito, as an advanced goalkeeper, assisted and Fábio Cecílio at the edge of the goal he shot for the goal of the advantage (4-3 to the 38′). The outsiders pressed, gave everything for everything, but they were unable to tie the dispute again. Merit for Benfica who never gave up, despite the difficulties, to seek victory. Final score: 4-3.

Benfica-Quinta dos Lombos
Pavilion No. 2 da Luz
Benfica’s initial five
André Correia, Robinho, Silvestre Ferreira, Chishkala and Fábio Cecílio
Martim Figueira, Afonso Jesus, Tiago Brito, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Nilson, Rafael Freire, Fits and Tomás Colaço
At break 2-2
Benfica scorers
Chishkala (1 ‘), Robinho (17’), Silvestre Ferreira (24 ‘) and Fábio Cecílio (38’)

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