Went Russian championship in Norwegian costume, then there was trouble

Went Russian championship in Norwegian costume, then there was trouble
Went Russian championship in Norwegian costume, then there was trouble

Aleksandra Sjimolina (20) bought a ski suit in Norwegian colors. She should not have done that.

Jelena Välbe in place in Russian outfit during the World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf earlier this winter. Photo: Lise Åserud

Published: Published: Today 13:45

The young Russian cross-country skier walked in Norwegian colors during the Russian championship. The ski suit from the Bjørn Dæhlie collection was without Norwegian flags, but otherwise identical to the Norwegian national team suit as it looked before Norway got new suits for the WC in Oberstdorf. Ski president and former cross-country legend Jelena Välbe liked it very badly.

Russian media have on several occasions reported on the suit choice of the Russian skier on the 30 kilometers during the Russian championship. The Russian news agency Ria Novosty sent out the message with the headline. – Scandal in the Russian championship: Norwegian suit and Välbe’s accusations.

The rules

Välbe was initially completely clear. She should have been the disk.

– According to the rules, she should not have been allowed to start. We can not compete in the attire of other nations, said Välbe in the live broadcast posted on Youtube.

Below you see a picture of Sjimolina in a ski suit from Bjørn Dæhlie which has been posted on her Instagram account:

Aleksadra Sjimolina defended herself.

– There are no flags or symbols on this suit. Yes, it is produced by Bjørn Dæhlie, and they produce for the Norwegians. But this is a ski suit that is in the consumer market, she says to the Russian sports newspaper Sport-Express.

In retrospect, Välbe has moderated and said that she could have been wrong, but still believes that it is illegal to participate in the Russian championship with a Norwegian suit.

The 30 km in the championship was won by Marija Istomina in the absence of the best Russian runners. Sjimolina, who got the most attention, was number 29.

Published: Published: April 3, 2021 1:45 p.m.

Updated: April 3, 2021 7:39 PM


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