“Benfica’s turnover is much higher than that of rivals”

“Benfica’s turnover is much higher than that of rivals”
“Benfica’s turnover is much higher than that of rivals”
O The topic of commissions paid to agents who do business intermediation is increasingly an issue addressed when it comes to the transfer market. Perhaps for this reason, Fernando Tavares, Benfica’s vice-president, left a guarantee to supporters on the program ‘Pontos nos i’s’, from BTV.

Benfica, according to FPF data, presented 50 million euros in commissions for agents in the last two years.

“Any news that has a normal context has a projection from an abnormal media point of view. In another club there are some normal contexts and they do not have this type of projection. So, we are used to that. One of the things I wanted to say is that the Benfica is governed by rules of conduct and ethics within the legal framework of the agents’ work. It is something natural in the football industry. Then, it is necessary to contextualize it. Benfica’s turnover is incomparably higher than that of its rivals, which is it is natural that this generates more commissions, which is not the case when we translate this comparison in relative terms- Between purchases and the sale of Rúben we speak of a turnover of around 165 million euros, which generates more commissions in absolute terms than which is generated by other clubs. But when we do the math in relative terms, we don’t pay as much with rivals, “he said.

“The only thing I guarantee to Benfica fans is that we do not govern within a framework of normality and financial rigor. The payment of commissions is perfectly justified in view of the volume of business,” said Fernando Tavares.

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