Arnaldo says that Galo x Fla of 81 was the game that most irritated him

What game has most irritated Arnaldo Cezar Coelho in his life? The former referee and commentator gave his answer on the Sincerão board of UOL Esporte channel on YouTube, and elected the classic record between Atlético-MG and Flamengo, for the 1981 Libertadores Cup, considered one of the most controversial matches in national football.

In the game in question, the referee José Roberto Wright expelled five players from Atlético-MG, among them Reinaldo, and the match was ended ahead of time due to lack of athletes. Flamengo advanced to the next phase and, at the end of the year, ended up winning the title over Cobreloa.

“The game that irritated me the most was Atlético-MG x Flamengo, which José Roberto Wright whistled and sent off a half-team from Atlético-MG. I was angry because the players didn’t want to play, and I felt the game was going to end anytime. moment when he started to expel the players from Atlético-MG “.

“Due to bad luck, he kicked out the most disciplined player, who was Reinaldo. Wright had said that anyone who made a tougher foul would be kicked out, and Reinaldo, who never made a foul in his life, was expelled because of a Then, Atlético-MG lost my mind, and I was very angry, because it was all about being a two-team game “, he added.

See the questions Sincerão made to Arnaldo Caesar:

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