– It hurts

HAFJELL (Dagbladet): The season is officially over, but Johannes Høsflot Klæbo put in an extra shift on Easter Mountain on Saturday when he clocked in for the preliminary best time at the Janteloppet, Petter Northug’s own race.

He has had a break with, among other things, refurbishment at home recently, but now the sprint phenomenon has begun to turn its focus towards the Olympic season, which officially starts on 1 May.

He is back at the cabin at Skeikampen, and there he will put in good training sessions with the Olympics in mind in the future.

– Heavy

Nevertheless, Klæbo had to respond to the past on Saturday. The Janteloppet came a few days after the Trøndelag man posted a vlog where he shared unique photos taken hours after the World Cup drama at five miles in Oberstdorf.

There, Klæbo talked about that he was discarded after an episode with Bolshunov in the settlement, at the same time as he took a settlement with FIS.

LEI: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo reaches out to FIS after the disqualification during the WC five miles. In a video published on the ski star’s Youtube channel, he criticizes the decision of the International Ski Federation. Video: Youtube / Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. Reporter: Marie Røssland
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On Saturday, the 24-year-old says that he did not see the video he took hours after he lost the World Cup gold before it was published.

– To be completely honest, I do not remember what I said. It is the brother who has taken responsibility, he says to Dagbladet.

– How have the reactions to the video been?

– It has flared up again. I almost had to expect that. I had planned to make it all the way. What has been said has now been said, I am not trying to spend time on that now.

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– What was it like watching the episode again?

– It’s painful and heavy. I’m there that I think I made the right decision and I had done the same thing again. It’s hard, but we have to spend time on what we can spend time on.

It was this incident that made Johannes Høsflot Klæbo first deprived of the gold at five miles in the World Ski Championships. Pictures from NRK
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Want FIS change

Dagbladet wrote earlier this year that a new culture has developed in the sprint world and at joint starts. This has led to a number of controversial situations. Now Klæbo says that he hopes that FIS will take action in the future.

– I stand by what I said there. I’m tired of FIS. There is nothing more to say about it, says Klæbo.

– Are you going to do anything about it in the future?

– They are the ones who sit and decide what we should do. There is not much to do. They control. I have to abide by the rules that are, and then I hope the rules are clear. And I think it can be a round on, says Klæbo.

He continues:

– Regardless of whether there will be a change or not, I will relate to it and not go around being angry at FIS.

CREATED DISCUSSIONS: Alexander Bolshunov reacts after a duel with Joni Mäki during the World Cup relay in Lahti in January. Photo: NTB
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The man with three World Cup golds from Oberstdorf is far from believing that anything needs to be done. Earlier this year, Erik Valnes, among others, went to the FIS top, and let Vigen Hattestad and Lotta Udnes Weng hope something would happen.

The ski association has already announced that there will be a dishwashing meeting between the various nations after this year’s season.

– We must have rules that everyone agrees on and interprets equally, said FIS’s race director Pierre Mignerey earlier this year.

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