‘In my head, I’m better than Messi and Ronaldo’

‘In my head, I’m better than Messi and Ronaldo’
‘In my head, I’m better than Messi and Ronaldo’
Champion of world Cup in 2018 as a France and one of the leading strikers in European and world football, Kylian Mbappé revealed how he motivates himself before the matches.

In an interview with RMCSports, the 22-year-old star revealed the curious way he uses to stimulate the psychological and enter more and more confident in the matches, either for France or for the Paris Saint Germain.

“Whenever I enter the field I tell myself that I am the best, even when I faced Messi and Ronaldo. They are superior players to me, they have done much more than me, but in my mind I am better than them. I impose limits and I simply try to do my best. I’m not waiting for people to understand, because there often seems to be a prejudice related to the ego “, he began by saying, before giving his explanation of what he considers ego.

“People say that the ego is not to let a colleague take a penalty, to be the person who receives the highest salary. It is not that. It has to do with your preparation. far beyond superficial things “.

Recently, after the 1-0 victory of France over Bosnia for Europe’s World Cup qualifiers, Mbappé showed angry at the press criticism and said it may be one of the reasons why he left PSG.

“Of course it gets tired, especially when you play for a club in your country, when you give everything for the national team. It is different for players who work abroad, who only return to France for games with the national team. I am there the time so they talk a lot more. We’ll see what happens. Of course (the critics) play a role, but that’s not all. The most important thing is to feel good wherever you are and have fun every day “.


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