Cruzeiro: Conceio wants to adapt Matheus Barbosa function of ‘box to box’

Cruzeiro: Conceio wants to adapt Matheus Barbosa function of ‘box to box’
Cruzeiro: Conceio wants to adapt Matheus Barbosa function of ‘box to box’

Literally translated into Portuguese, the English term box to box (sometimes written box-to-box, with hfen) means “box by box”. In football, it is a function in which a player goes from one area to another, defending and attacking with the same intensity. At the cruise, Felipe Conceio want to adapt Matheus Barbosa to that model. The coach believes that the midfielder has ideal characteristics for the position: physical vigor, long strides, speed and technical quality.

“It has the potential to do what we call box to box”, evaluated Conceio, in an interview with Supports. “I see in him the characteristics of being a guy who steps in the area and is able to defend, like other socks that fulfill this function. a guy who has dedicated himself a lot, has a lot of technical quality, a very good stride. I have no doubts about his potential and where he can reach ”, he added.

Felipe stressed that the process requires repetition, insistence and, above all, patience. After all, Matheus Barbosa used to be a contention midfielder at his previous clubs (Cuiab and Ava). It is also worth noting that he started his career at Grmio as a defender, to the point of forming a duo with Marquinhos, of Paris Saint-Germain, in the Brazilian Under-17 National Team.

“I’m taking advantage of this quality of him to use it a little earlier, taking advantage of the potential he has of stride, of volume of movements in a long space, of being able to step on the opponent’s area and be in our area defending. Logic that requires an adaptation, but quality, potential and genetics to make this function he has and is growing every day ”, stressed the coach of Cruzeiro.

Barbosa was in the field in the seven matches of Raposa in the 2021 season. In six, he started. On Thursday, he narrowly missed the Tombense net, in a duel for the sixth round of Mineiro. After the failure of the midfielder Pablo, the jersey 17 cruzeirense divided the ball in the great area and finished in the crossbar. It was the team’s most dangerous move, which disappointed by drawing 0-0 at Mineiro.

Juninho example

A good example of Conceio’s pretenses to Matheus Barbosa at Cruzeiro Juninho, from Amrica. In 2019, Felipe trained Coelho and contributed to the evolution of the midfielder, who started to act as a kind of right-back, instead of being limited to the mark. In 38 rounds in Series B, shirt 8 scored five goals and gave three assists. Defensively, it was the fourth that disarmed the most in the squad, with 53 interventions, according to the statistics of the SofaScore.

“Before we took over Amrica, Juninho was a second midfielder, sometimes a right-back, sometimes a left-back. We put him in this role, and he had the same difficulties at the beginning of the process. Only that we see the characteristics of the athlete and know that over time he has the ability to perform well and even stand out. So Matheus ”.

Conceio was notable for taking Amrica out of the relegation zone of Srie B and almost winning access – he left the penultimate position, in the ninth round (5 points), to the fifth, in the 38th (61 points). He fitted the team with a midfield formed by Z Ricardo in the center, Juninho on the right and Willian Maranho on the left. The attack had Matheusinho, Felipe Azevedo and Jnior Viosa.

“I remember the beginning of the process at Amrica: I played with Z Ricardo, Juninho and Maranho. There were also questions that there was a sock left to step on the area or definition. My way of playing that everyone attacks and everyone defends. a natural process ”.

Watch exclusive interview of coach Felipe Conceio to Superesportes

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