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Yuri Alberto’s manager was at Beira-Rio this Thursday (1st). André Cury’s presence in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul generated several rumors and versions, both in the media and on social networks.
During a debate on the program The Owners of the Ball no channel Bandeirantes this Friday (2), the agent asked to participate and clarify some issues that were being talked about, not only in the program, during the afternoon of Thursday.
“I never asked Yuri Alberto for a raise. I do not agree with the presenter that you cannot ask for a player raise. Otherwise, he must have criticized the increase for Galhardo in October last year. O [Thiago] Galhardo also had a contract, was paid to surrender, scored goals and almost doubled his salary. I do not compare any player I represent with that of others, I am only putting this on the agenda for us to have a line. Nor did I go to Inter to demand that Yuri play on the edge, or as a goalkeeper. I was at Inter de Porto Alegre yesterday to renegotiate my debt. I owe a lot to Inter and I went to talk to the players I represent at the moment, which is Yuri, Praxedes and Mauricio, who, in my view, are the three great active athletes of the club. I never asked Yuri Alberto for a raise. I have the same position as JB (JB Filho, BAND’s communicator, present in the program), that he earns little close to what is paid to the other Inter strikers. But it was never asked, ”said the businessman during the program.
There was also speculation that André Cury went to Beira-Rio to talk about using Yuri Alberto and ask for more minutes on the pitch for the player. The agent explained:
“I don’t think he should play on the sides of the field, because he is a center forward. He has the numbers that show, that today, he has to be a starter. He hasn’t been playing the last four games. I hope he comes back as soon as possible and plays. I think, in my opinion, that he doesn’t perform as he does as number 9. But I never went to Inter to say that. ”
Finally, André Cury revealed the Internacional’s payment model to Yuri Alberto and also talked a little about the project that made the two parties agree on hiring in 2020:
“Yuri chose Inter because there is a project that was offered to him. Unlike what they say about the money he received, he never received any money. He split the gloves in 60 installments, to help Inter, because he had no money. The plan I made with Alessandro Barcellos at the time, who was vice-president was: let’s bring Yuri, let’s put a lot of assets here, of young boys with potential, so that he can play and in the future I will make sports and financial income , to see if Inter gets out of this phase, which is very difficult. When we can charge something, we charge the project. Because if the project is not going as it should, we have to find a way out for it. ”
Yuri Alberto is an asset of Internacional, with a contract until 2025. In the season, the striker has six matches and two goals scored.


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