United wants Nuno Mendes and Alex Telles to go into business

Nuno Mendes is today one of the most influential wingers in European football. At just 18 years old, the youngster from Sporting has been one of the highlights of the Leonine walk in the I Liga, made his debut for the national team and there are several European sharks with an eye, including Manchester United.

The red devils really want to move on to signing Nuno Mendes and, for that, they are willing to open the strings to the ball. However, according to the newspaper Record, there is an asset up the sleeve of those responsible for United. In order to lower the price of Sporting’s left back, an English emissary proposed that Alex Telles enter the business.

Far from having the debut season he dreamed of at Old Trafford, Telles’ name appeals to Sporting, who still do not give up 40 million euros for Nuno Mendes’s pass.

The Brazilian international’s coming to Sporting would always be on loan. And still according to the Record, to the responsible of the club of Alvalade a concession of two seasons was ideal. However, there is a constraint: the salary.

Here, Manchester United would have to share part of Alex Telles’s salary, as it would be unaffordable for Sporting to spend four million euros cleaned annually on a player’s salary.

The Brazilian ex-FC Porto currently has 18 games played by Manchester United and only nine of them played during the 90 minutes. Telles has yet to make his debut for the red devils.

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