Cristiano Ronaldo armband auctioned for 64 thousand euros to help baby with muscular atrophy – a Boil

A captain’s hat that Cristiano Ronaldo threw on the pitch at the end of the game against Serbia was auctioned for 64,000 euros. History is running the world, as the initiative aimed to help a sick child.”The auction, with a humanitarian character, of Cristiano Ronaldo’s captain’s armband has just ended, with the remarkable figure of 7.5 million dinars [cerca de 64 000 euros]”, informed the promoter of the initiative, Jovan Simic, on the social network Twitter, where he also showed an image of Gavrilo Djurdjevic, the six-month-old baby who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and needs treatments with costs of more than two million euros.

The armband was picked up by a firefighter who was on duty at the Belgrade game, Djordje Vukicevic, who quickly decided to use it for a supportive purpose. “Cristiano Ronaldo was agitated, he threw the armband. He fell right next to me,” he started by saying. “The whole corporation agreed that [a braçadeira] should go to [ajudar] little Gavrilo, “he told Reuters.Aleksandar and Nevena Djuridjevic, Gavrilo’s parents, were moved by the wave of support and say that they have already received donations in the order of 500 thousand euros. “We didn’t even want to believe that people who don’t know us could take the armband and do an auction to help us,” confided the mother, from the village of Cumic.

Remember a week ago, with the game tied 2-2 (after Portugal winning 2-0), Cristiano Ronaldo shot and Serbian Mitrovic withdrew the ball, apparently, after having completely crossed the line goal, but the goal was not validated. Following the move, Cristiano Ronaldo protested, saw a yellow card and threw the captain’s armband onto the pitch.


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