Flamengo should pay R $ 126 million in 2021 for five players already hired

Flamengo have invested heavily in their squad and the remaining installments for payments by some players amount to R $ 126 million to be paid in 2021. Among the athletes whose signings add up to this amount are the strikers Gabigol and Pedro and the Gerson steering wheel.

Facing difficulties in generating revenue, due to the pandemic, which removed sources such as box office, Flamengo suffered a deficit of R $ 110 million in 2020. Thus, considering the remaining portions of the players that already make up the squad, the club is tight to think about new hires until you make new sales of athletes.

Among the names that have already been negotiated is Reinier, who is considered the biggest source of revenue for 2021. Real Madrid has already paid half of the almost 90 million reais that were requested by the player in the first quarter. The rest will be paid throughout the year, guaranteeing part of the amount that Flamengo has pending.

Besides him, Yuri César for Al Shabad, from the United Arab Emirates, and Lincoln for Vissel Kobe, from Japan, are transactions that have already been guaranteed and a large part of the amount has already been transferred to the Rio de Janeiro club. Between the two players, Flamengo raised about R $ 50 million, of which 80% have already been paid.

Of the names that arrived at the club and are still pending finalization, Gabriel is the one who demands the most from the finances of the Rio team. His contracting of R $ 96.9 million with Internazionale has installments due until 2023 and there is still R $ 86 million to be paid by Flamengo.

Pedro, in turn, cost R $ 93.9 million in semiannual installments to Fiorentina and should demand from the Rio club R $ 31.2 million only in 2021. Among the biggest payments that will be made later this year are Gerson, with installments up to 2023 and R $ 25 million this year alone, and Michael, with R $ 27 million in 2021 out of the total R $ 38.4 million that are still pending payment.

Therefore, taking into account the millionaire figures of the plots that compromise Flamengo’s finances, the order is that new hires can only happen when robust sales are made.

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