“Portugal, Germany and France? We were not the luckiest team …”

“Portugal, Germany and France? We were not the luckiest team …”
“Portugal, Germany and France? We were not the luckiest team …”
O Euro’2020 is on the horizon and Péter Gulácsi does not hide that Hungary was not very lucky when it came to being in the same group as Portugal, France and Germany. In an interview with ELEVEN, the Hungarian goalkeeper of RB Leipzig underlines, however, that the Hungarian team could be the big surprise of the competition.

“If we look at the group, we can say that we were not the luckiest team in the draw, as we have a really strong group. If we look at Germany, Portugal and France, even with a lot of confidence, we will say that we are not favorites. It will be very difficult for us, but our main objective was to qualify for this competition and we did it. From now on, we can play without any pressure, because we can achieve any result, it would be a big surprise. Even with only one victory, we can have the chance to move on. It will be our goal to make a surprise against one of these teams “, Gulácsi started by saying, before approaching the first game against Portugal.

“Of course, the first game is very important, even because we played at home in Budapest. We really hope that at that time we can play in front of our fans and that could mean something more for us. It is an important game, but any of the three games could be the one that qualifies us in this group. Portugal, if we look at his team, has a fantastic lot of players, with so much potential and talent. It will not be an easy game, but he will try to make the most of him “, guaranteed the goalkeeper. 30 years.

Challenged to choose three Portuguese players to sign for RB Leipzig, Gulácsi opted for the unavoidable Cristiano Ronaldo and two other well-known names in international football.

“It is a difficult question. This season we played against some Portuguese players. André Silva has had a fantastic season in Frankfurt. At United, Bruno Fernandes, for me, is a world-class player. I would choose one of them and Cristiano I could come too “, guaranteed the goalkeeper of RB Leipzig.

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