Malcom sales in European football generated R $ 7.6 million to Corinthians in 2020

According to Corinthians’ financial statement, released last Friday (26), the transactions of striker Malcom, revealed by Timão, from Bordeaux (FRA) to Barcelona (ESP) and later to Zenit (RUS), between 2018 and 2019 , earned the Parque São Jorge club R $ 7.6 million last season.

Malcom played between 2014 and 2015 on the professional team of Timão (Photo: Daniel Augusto Jr / Corinthians Agency)

Photo: Lance!

The values ​​represent the so-called Solidarity Mechanism, in which the training team is entitled to percentages in the negotiations in relation to their home silverware.

In 2016, Corinthians sold Malcom to Bordeaux (FRA) for 5 million euros (just over R $ 20 million at the time). In the following year, Timão negotiated the 15% he still had of the attacker’s rights for another 4 , 5 million euros (R $ 16 million).

Now, the São Paulo club has pocketed R $ 4.7 million from Zenit, which took the youngster out of Barcelona in the second half of 2019 for 40 million euros (R $ 167.7 million at the time), and R $ 2.9 million. of Barça, who acquired the former Corinthians player for 41 million euros (R $ 179 million at the time), in 2018.

Although it saw these entries, Corinthians ended 2020 with a deficit of R $ 123.3 million and accumulates a total debt close to R $ 1 billion.

For Timão, Malcom played two seasons in the professional team, between 2014 and 2015, the year he was Brazilian champion. In total, he played 70 games and scored 10 goals.

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