Flamengo records biggest deficit in its history

Excerpt from Flamengo’s balance sheet that shows the loss of R $ 106.9 million in 2020

Almost R $ 107 million. This is Flamengo’s deficit in 2020, according to the balance sheet of the club to which Blog had access. Never, in history, Rubro-Negro ended a year with such a loss. It was R $ 106.9 million in the red, despite the R $ 756 million revenue, even in the midst of all the losses with the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is the biggest deficit in red-black history. Sports Valeu made a survey with the history of the latest Fla results, showing losses in 2003 (R $ 24 million), 2006 (R $ 14 million), 2007 (R $ 59 million), 2008 (R $ 3 million), 2009 (R $ 31 million), 2010 (R $ 22 million), 2011 (R $ 12 million), 2012 (R $ 60 million) and 2013 (R $ 20 million).

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Flamengo in 2020 lost 73% at the box office and saw its supporter partner plummet from 125,000 defaulters to just over 50,000 in one season. The situation was not only worse because of the sales of athletes, which yielded R $ 222 million.

Owner of the highest payroll in the country, Flamengo only managed to reduce its debt by R $ 67 million throughout 2020 – the lowest in six years. The club still needed to take out bank loans that will not be repaid until next year.

The balance sheet also presents impressive numbers in relation to investments for the purchase of athletes. The total cost of the acquisition of Gabigol, including commissions and taxes, reaches R $ 97 million. Pedro will cost R $ 88 million. Arrascaeta, R $ 81 million. Gerson, another R $ 65 million.

The sum of the four operations reaches R $ 331 million. And this account doesn’t even include Michael’s R $ 38.5 million, Léo Pereira’s R $ 34.2 million, and so on.

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