Bahia innovates, and Copa NE will have the first broadcast in pounds of Brazilian football – 04/01/2021

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Collaboration for UOL, in Maceió

01/04/2021 17h32

The match between Bahia and Fortaleza for the seventh round of the Copa do Nordeste will have something new for the hearing impaired viewers: the first broadcast in Libras of Brazilian football, held by the Bahian club. The game will be next Saturday (3), at Arena Castelão, in Ceará.

In Bahia’s Facebook, Instagram and Youtube broadcasts, two Libras interpreters will comment on the main bids of the game in real time. The fan will also be able to watch the match via SBT Nordeste and the streaming service Nordeste FC.

“Our goal is that deaf people who use the Brazilian Sign Language can access this content on their cell phones while watching the game, on TV or on some other device and thus have an unprecedented experience as fans,” said Lênin Franco, marketing manager Bahia, Sports.

It is worth mentioning that it is estimated that Brazil today has 10 million hearing impaired people. 70% to 80% of them communicate primarily through the Brazilian Sign Language. Worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 500 million people have some degree of deafness.

Currently, Bahia is in second place in Group A of Nordesteão, with 10 points added, one less than the leader, CRB. Their opponent of the night, Fortaleza leads Group B, with 11 points


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