Praia surpasses Minas Gerais and opens an advantage in the Women’s Superliga final

Praia surpasses Minas Gerais and opens an advantage in the Women’s Superliga final
Praia surpasses Minas Gerais and opens an advantage in the Women’s Superliga final
In classic no Vlei Development Center, in Saquarema, O Beach Club opened an advantage against Minas in the decisive series of Women’s Super League. In the first game of the final, this Thursday, the Uberlndia team overcame the Belo Horizonte rival by 3 sets a 1 and it was a triumph of the tournament’s second title. The match ends were 25/21, 25/12, 21/25 e 25/22. To dominican Brayelin Martnez, from Praia Clube, was the highest scorer in the game, with 22 hits. The trophy Long live Vlei for the best player on the court a tip was given Michelle Pavo, from the Tringulo Mineiro team. The lifter Claudinha and the tip F Garay also unbalanced in favor of the coach’s team Paulo Coco.

On the Minas side, the opposite Danielle Cuttino was the one who scored the most, with 18. Thasa e Megan Easy, with 15 and 12 hits, were other highlights in the mine-tennis attack.

The second game of the Women’s Superliga final will be this Saturday, at 21h, again in Saquarema. Minas needs the victory to force the third game of the decision, on Monday (5th), in the same place and time, and to seek the fourth title of the competition. In the qualifying phase of the Superliga, Minas won the Praia Clube twice. The coach’s team Nicola Nigro also surpassed the uberlanders in the decisions of the Brazil’s Cup e do Mineiro Championship this season.

This is the second time that the teams from Minas Gerais have disputed the title of the Super League. In the first, in the 2018/19 season, Minas won the triple championship by making 2-0 in the final series, with 3 to 2 in Belo Horizonte, and 3 to 1 in Uberlndia.

The decision of the Superliga of this season disputed, for the first time, in ‘neutral court’, due to the procedures adopted against COVID-19. Therefore, the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) decided to create a ‘bubble’ at the Development Center, in Saquarema, which concentrates the preparation of the Brazilian team in all divisions.

Minas x Praia Clube

Mines: Macris, Dani Cuttino, Pri Daroit, Megan Easy, Carol Gattaz, Thasa and Lia (lbero). Entered: Kasiely, Camila Mesquita, Pri Heldes. Coach: Nicola Negro.

Beach Club: Claudinha, Brayelin Martinez, Fernanda Garay, Michelle, Carol, Jineiry Martinez and Suelen (lbero). They entered: Walewska, Rosane, Anglica, Monique, Mari Paraba and Anne. Coach: Paulo Coco.

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