Matheus Babi case: Serra Macaense accepts proposal from Fluminense, which may cede athletes to Botafogo

The board of Fluminense depends only on a hit with the Botafogo to finally announce the signing of the striker Matheus Babi, 23 years old. O Play10 obtained the information that the proposal presented by the tricolores has received the endorsement of Serra Macaense, a club that holds 100% of the federative rights of the athlete.

The expectation is that the conversations with the alvinegros advance during the Holy Week holiday so that the official announcement is made in the beginning of April.

O Fluminense offered 1 million euros (R $ 6.75 million) to obtain 25% of the player’s economic rights, which is on loan to Botafogo until December this year, and still guarantees Serra Macaense a percentage in case of a sale in the future.

However, for the negotiation to take place, Fluminense will need to pay 40% of the fine in case of termination, that is, 1.2 million euros (R $ 8.1 million), but negotiates with Botafogo the possibility of involving some players in the transaction so that this amount can be deducted.

In favor of Fluminense, Matheus Babi also has the opportunity to compete for Libertadores for the first time in his career and, thus, gain more visibility in the market.

O Athletico-PR also made a proposal to Matheus Babi, but runs out. Hurricane offered 1.5 million euros (R $ 10.1 million) for 60% of economic rights. Even if they promise to pay this amount in cash, the people of Paraná do not have the preference of Serra Macaense.


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