DGS requires laboratory tests in the resumption of training sport

DGS requires laboratory tests in the resumption of training sport
DGS requires laboratory tests in the resumption of training sport

The Directorate-General for Health updated, on the last day of March, the rules of covid-19 applied to Sport and sports competitions, which allow the resumption of training levels, and all practitioners will have to present a negative result in one laboratory test to SARS-CoV-2 (the TAAN, molecular test for amplification of Nucleic Acids, costs more than 100 euros) up to 72 hours before the start of activities.

The requirements of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) for medium risk modalities, which include football, futsal, handball, roller hockey, basketball and volleyball, include subsequent TRAg tests (rapid tests) antigen, with results in up to 30 minutes and cost between 7 and 10 euros), according to the evolution of the epidemiological risk, assessed every two weeks.

If the risk is lower, random TRAg will be carried out on the day of the competition between teams / athletes to 50% of the agents involved (players, technical teams and referees). If the teams are not competing, then they will have to perform random TRAg to 50% of the athletes and technical team every 14 days.

If the epidemiological risk is high, the TRAg tests on the day of the competition will have to cover all the sports agents directly involved, that is, athletes, coaches and referees who perform functions without a mask. Those agents who do not do periodic TRAg in the context of training will have to present a negative TAAN (PCR) performed up to 48 hours before the competition.

AF Lisboa criticizes

These demands from the DGS have already been criticized by the Lisbon Football Association (AFL), which considers them “unaffordable in view of the current financial conditions of the clubs”. The AFL also expressed “total indignation and repudiation for the additional cost overhead that DGS wants to impose on clubs”, which “jeopardize the resumption of sporting practice by many thousands of children and young people”, and challenges government authorities bear the cost of laboratory tests (TAAN-PCR). “We want and demand the resumption of training. But not at their own expense”, concludes the statement from the management of AF Lisboa.

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