Fortaleza: fans suffer attacks after repudiating Benevenuto’s arrival – 04/01/2021

Fortaleza: fans suffer attacks after repudiating Benevenuto’s arrival – 04/01/2021
Fortaleza: fans suffer attacks after repudiating Benevenuto’s arrival – 04/01/2021

The coordinators of the organized fans FEC Para Elas, from Fortaleza, say they are being victims of attacks on social networks after publishing a note against the hiring of defender Marcelo Benevenuto, accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2017. Fortaleza announced this Wednesday (31) hiring the athlete from Botafogo. Following that, the organized fans announced the break with the club’s male football for the duration of the contract.

“We have faced many attacks since the launch of the first note, so we are avoiding exposing our names / image, leaving everything focused on the FEC for them. We do not suffer any physical threat and we hope not to receive. But, for fear of increasing the proportions, we are avoiding exposing us “, says one of the coordinators.

In one of the attack cases, the Facebook account of one of the administrators even tried to break into a few hours after the note was published. On Instagram, there is no lack of insults on the fans’ social network, calling them “mediocre”, “scoundrels” and telling them to “fix what to do”.

Swearing was done on Instagram

Image: Playback / Instagram

On the backstage of the signing, the organized cheerleader, who asked not to be named, says she was contacted by the club before Benevenuto’s signing was made official.

“After the note, President Marcelo Paz called me, tried to justify the signing and whether he had the possibility to support the club with the decision. I immediately communicated that we will never support this signing, because even if the player was not convicted, there is an accusation made by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro “, says the fan about the backstage of the hiring.

Still according to her, the purpose of the note released on Tuesday afternoon was not to condemn the player. “The club decided to go against our request, which was just a request to respect the history of struggle that we women and the club have been building to combat violence against women.”

Although it has suspended activities with the men’s team of Fortaleza, ‘FEC Para Elas’ states that it was not a real break with the club, just a way of showing dissatisfaction with what was decided and that they will once again support the male squad by end of the player’s contract.

“We will start to dedicate ourselves entirely to the women’s football of the club and to the other sports that the club has. We will also seek to give even more support to all the women who accompany us and who are in our support group for the women of the fans, called # NósPorNós “, he says. O Twitter he sought out the club, which replied that it had not officially received news about the attacks suffered by the members of the independent collective.

Part of the female fans also criticism the fact that the announcement of the hiring was made on the last day of the month dedicated to women and after a growing performance of the club against violence.

Understand the case

Benevenuto arrived at the Ceará club on loan from Botafogo and has a contract termination clause in the case of a conviction in the judicial process that has been going on in court since 2017, when the athlete’s ex-girlfriend declared in testimony that she was attacked with a punch in the face during a motivated discussion. out of jealousy.

At the time, the defender was summoned, denied the accusation, and the Rio de Janeiro Public Ministry closed the case. However, in the same year, the MP himself reversed his decision and decided to reopen the lawsuit against the player. Now Benevenuto is awaiting trial. As this is a process involving the Maria da da Penha Law, the case is under secrecy.

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