I have lived this time with some revolt :: zerozerofootball.com

I have lived this time with some revolt :: zerozerofootball.com
I have lived this time with some revolt :: zerozerofootball.com
Sérgio Oliveira is experiencing the best season of his career and the numbers reinforce exactly that: 18 goals in 38 games this season, and, in the middle, he scored decisive goals that put the club in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

In an interview with the magazine Dragons, the Portuguese international did not hide his satisfaction for the season that he considers to be his “best”, however he rejected euphoria and even admitted some revolt for the championship results.

«I have already lived through some conquests, but many more will come. I work to win titles, win games and give our fans a lot of joy. This is my best time, however, I have lived it with some revolt. The championship was going well, but we had a mishap recently. We are focused on celebrating the title at the end of the season, that’s what we’re here for and that’s why we’re competing. This season will only be positive for me, if it is a positive season for the club ”, he started by saying.

«I know exactly what he wants, he is a demanding person»

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About the performance at the orders of Sérgio Conceição, the player confesses to be in tune with the coach that he considers demanding.

«I know how to step on the ground better and I have been working with the mister for five years. I know perfectly well what he wants, that is, tactical, physical behaviors and everyday life. He is a demanding person and over the years I have also been evolving in this direction. I think we know each other perfectly and are in complete harmony », he stressed.

Finally, regarding the club’s goals, the Portuguese midfielder said that despite the setbacks he refuted “throwing the towel on the floor”.

«We always want to be first. There are setbacks throughout the season … It was a good sign if that [terminar em primeiro lugar] happen every year, we know it’s not easy. We have a great distance, and we do not feel well in this position – in this house, it is not normal – we feel an enormous revolt and sadness, but at the same time we feel that everything is possible. We had one or the other game in which we lost points not only because of our own fault and that messed up the team a little. The word quit does not enter our dressing room. I am sure that no one will throw the towel on the floor, this is not possible at FC Porto. I fully believe that we can and we will fight for the title until the end ”, he concluded.


Srgio Oliveira

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