UFC switch supplier and incentive paid to fighters to increase by more than five million | combat

– We are proud to say that when it comes to paying athletes in cash, there will be widespread increases for each level of the UFC Promotional Guidelines program. This is not a situation where the UFC is making money from this relationship with Venum. The product and the money are being handed over to the athletes, so this is not a profit center for us. It is something that we consider very important for the UFC brand and, of course, we are extremely proud of the tens of millions of dollars that we have delivered and will continue to deliver in the future to athletes participating in this program – celebrated the Ultimate COO, Lawrence Epstein, in an interview “MMA Junkie” website.

With the new terms, payments for each of the eight levels of the Promotional Guidelines program have grown, but the lower levels will see a greater percentage increase. Payments are distributed to fighters at all events, as long as they have adhered to the dress code, completed all required promotional tasks and followed a defined code of conduct during the week of the fight.

The new kits will be officially released next week, but part of a separate contract, the shoes will be supplied by Reebok until the end of 2021. Epstein was excited about the partnership with this brand, dedicated to the martial arts since 2006.

– Venum has been part of the MMA scene for a long time. They sponsored many of our iconic fighters. They are an MMA brand, so they build products for the mixed martial arts athlete, they do a great job. We were looking for a partner, we had a great relationship with Reebok, but one of the most important things for us was that the product had to be designed for MMA athletes. It had to be a product designed specifically for our athletes – he concluded.

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