Fbio defends pnalti and avoids defeat of Cruzeiro to Tombense

Fbio defends pnalti and avoids defeat of Cruzeiro to Tombense
Fbio defends pnalti and avoids defeat of Cruzeiro to Tombense

O cruise followed a weak campaign in the Mineiro Championship by drawing 0-0 with the Tombense, this Thursday, in Mineiro, for the sixth round. The added point did not escape because the goalkeeper Fbio saved the team by defending a penalty shot by Paulinho Dias, in the 29th minute of the second half. At 44, he still shone when throwing himself at the feet of Alpio, who took advantage of the mess of Manoel and Ramon and almost rocked the net for the visitors.

In the offensive part, Raposa’s best opportunity was a shot on the crossbar by Matheus Barbosa, at 2 minutes of the final stage. Felipe Garcia, goalkeeper of Tombense, also appeared well with interventions in attempts by Felipe Augusto and Airton. However, most of the celestial attacks were from long distance shots, which shows the deficiency in the definition of the plays.

The result in Belo Horizonte made Cruzeiro reach eight points in Mineiro – two wins, two draws, two defeats, four goals scored and three conceded. Coach Felipe Conceio will have practically no preparation time until the next appointment, against Boa Esporte, at 11am on Sunday, at the Melo stadium, in Varginha.

The commander does not have left-back Alan Ruschel, sent off against Tombense. On the other hand, have Matheus Pereira available. There is also the chance that midfielder Rmulo, hired after nine seasons in Italian football, will appear among the squad.

The game

On the eve of facing Tombense, Conceio said in an interview with Supports that one of the short-term objectives was to find a base scale for Cruzeiro. The two main novelties were midfielder Marcinho and striker Bruno Jos. The trainer also promoted the returns of Manoel, Matheus Barbosa and Rafael Sobis.

With more than 60% possession of the ball in the first half, the celestial team exchanged passes from side to side in search of space, but bumped into the opponent’s mark when they tried to penetrate the area. Chance of danger only on 37 minutes, with Felipe Augusto, who received from Sobis and demanded a good defense from Felipe Garcia.

Because of the difficulties of the initial stage, Conceio made a change in the interval. Airton replaced Felipe Augusto and showed his business card at 2min. Activated by Marcinho on the left end, shirt 7 took the round to the middle and dropped the bomb in the corner. Felipe Garcia spread it out.

The cruise continued on top. At 3 minutes, Tombense’s defense fumbled when he cut a cross by Bruno Jos, and Matheus Barbosa arrived hitting first. The ball exploded on the post. At 4min, Cceres crossed, Matheus Lopes tried to take the chest and almost scored against. Felipe Garcia fell in the corner and saved the team from Tombos.

After starting the second half well, Cruzeiro fell out of rhythm and returned to sin due to pass errors in the offensive field. J Tombense took a little more risk, especially with the entries of Daniel Amorim and Jhemerson in the vacancies of Pablo and Matheus Paquet.

At 27 minutes, Everton escaped from the left end and rolled the ball towards the moon. Jhemerson filled his foot in the submission, but Alan Ruschel, who already had yellow, put his hand on the ball. Pnalti in favor of Tombense, red card for Cruzeiro’s side. Luckily for the celestial team, Fbio chose the right corner and held on to Paulinho Dias’ beat. It was the 32nd charge defended by shirt 1 in 929 games for Raposa.Fbio’s participation was not limited to defending the penalty. At 44 minutes, he grew up in front of Alpio and fitted the ball, after Manoel and Ramon’s mess in the ball exit. In the previous move, Cruzeiro missed an opportunity that could guarantee him three points, when William Pottker kicked his left foot close to the right post.



Phbio; Cceres, Manoel, Ramon and Alan Ruschel; Adriano, Matheus Barbosa (Kaiki, at 31min of the 2nd quarter) and Marcinho (Claudinho, at 16min of the 2nd quarter); Bruno Jos (William Pottker, at 22min of the 2nd quarter), Felipe Augusto (Airton, at halftime) and Rafael Sobis (Thiago, at 16min of the 2nd quarter)

Technician: Felipe Conceio


Felipe Garcia; David, Wesley, Matheus Lopes and Joo Paulo; Rodrigo, Paulinho Dias and Pablo (Daniel Amorim, at 16min of the 2nd Q); Matheus Paquet (Jhemerson, at 16min of the 2nd quarter), Rodrigo Carioca (Alpio, at 37min of the second quarter) and Everton (Marquinhos, at 43min of the second quarter)

Technician: Bruno Pivetti

Yellow cards: Alan Ruschel, at 12min and 27min in the 2nd quarter (Cruzeiro); Alpio, at 44min of the 2nd Q (Tombense)

Red card: Alan Ruschel, at 27min of the 2nd Q (Cruzeiro)

Reason: sixth round of the Mineiro Championship

Study: Miner

Data: Thursday, April 1, 2021

referee: Felipe Fernandes de Lima

Assistants: Frederico Soares Vilarinho and Magno Arantes Lira

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