William cites cardiac arrest and says he wants to play as a steering wheel

William cites cardiac arrest and says he wants to play as a steering wheel
William cites cardiac arrest and says he wants to play as a steering wheel
William was presented as a new reinforcement for São Paulo this afternoon (1st), in Morumbi. The 34-year-old, who signed a contract until the end of the season, recalled the problem he suffered in his heart, while still in the youth team at Palmeiras, and also explained how he prefers to play on his arrival at the new club.

The athlete said he usually acts as a midfielder, whether as a first or second midfielder. Today, the Tricolor paulista has Rodrigo Nestor, Luan, Daniel Alves and Liziero exercising the functions.

“It is a pleasure to represent São Paulo, with a history recognized worldwide. I play as first and second midfielder. I left Brazil playing as a midfielder, but today I play as first and second midfielder. Sometimes I play as a third midfielder. In in relation to the scheme that Hernán Crespo is trying to set up today, it is really as a first or second midfielder “, said the midfielder, who added:

“About competing for a position with Dani, there is Dani, there is Luan, Liziero, Nestor, Tchê Tchê. First, I have to beat myself, overcome what I have to do. It’s a healthy competition, the squad is doing well Within that, there are all the players that I have already mentioned. I hope that São Paulo goes well “.

The experienced player, who arrives at Morumbi after spending time at Toluca (MEX), also talked about the problem he suffered in his heart while still in his teens. At the time when he was in the youth club’s alviverde categories, he discovered that he had a branch block. left, which is the partial or complete interruption of the electrical pulse on the left side of the heart, and suffered two cardiac arrests.

“About the heart, it is an overcome, difficult and complicated problem. I was able to overcome this challenge. I always do a general check-up, a battery of exams, I pass one more time and I can do what I like best, which is playing football . I managed to do my job in the past and today I represent a giant, “said William.

“I had a very serious health problem, two cardiac arrests. Today I am standing because God gave me strength and a way out of the problem. My way out was to approach God and ask for strength to overcome all that. Today, I am here, because you allowed me again. Faith is something that can keep us strong and give us strength to overcome it “, he added.

The midfielder also gave other statements about his arrival in São Paulo. Check out more excerpts from William’s press conference on his way to Morumbi:

Argentine technicians

“I worked with two Argentine coaches, Hernán Cristante, from Toluca, and Ricardo La Volpe. I don’t like to make a comparison with my style of play, one hour has a very strong tactic, does not allow disorganization on the pitch and requires us to work with intensity “.

Reunion with Palmeiras

“It is a healthy rivalry, which we like to live. I hope to win all the classics and represent this club in any field, as it deserves to be represented. It is a rivalry that is pleasant to live and that deserves to be lived intensely”.

Lucidity in the interview

“In the course of life, every human being has a tendency to evolve in all areas and all aspects. Some health problems, which you know, caused me anxiety. I gradually created lucidity in the field, step by step, according to the events of the match. I am 34 years old and I already come with a big bag inside of it. I can better understand the game. Football is about better understanding the game. I try to understand football so that I can solve problems. made me grow naturally to enjoy the game better “.

Possible absence in Paulistão

“I don’t think that can hinder anything. My return to Brazil is to help São Paulo within what they think I am capable of. These open positions will be filled by players that Crespo thinks are important. I don’t come as an absolute starter, I come to work with the intention of winning the position, winning the place. Nothing will change my intensity at work, being enrolled or not. It will be a decision made by the technical staff, the board … I will be 100% available to do my best and win the spot. “

Brazilian football

“I’ve always been following Brazilian football, especially in the last few years, because of the friendship I have with some players. We automatically start following because it creates a nice bond. One of the obstacles I can find is the change in relation to foreign coaches who The last two years have had Flamengo with a foreign coach and Palmeiras with a foreign coach. Perhaps, this may change what I experienced before leaving the country. But nothing prevents me from adding. I want to be strong to help São Paulo to win the titles “.

Friendship with Volpi

“Volpi, we ventured into this steakhouse, it didn’t work out. It was an adventure, we tried, but it just didn’t work out. He’s a spectacular guy, positive character for the locker room and for life. I have a great friendship with him and with the family. I’m happy to defend the same shirt together again. I hope glory days with him here in São Paulo. We will try to make São Paulo’s history shine, to put São Paulo at the top in all championships ”.

Muricy Ramalho

“The meeting with Muricy was nice, he was nice. When we were introduced, he said: ‘I know him’. He is a guy who conquered everything and today represents something very big for the country. We haven’t had time to talk yet, until because of the protocol “.

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