Mourning his mother, Lucas Torreira wants to leave Europe at 25

Going through a very delicate moment after the mother’s death by covid-19 at 53 years old, Lucas Torreira said he wanted to return to South America in the short term to continue his football career and be closer to his family.

«It is not a hot reaction and it is not a decision motivated by my mother. I always said I wanted to play for Boca. I am dying to play for Boca and I will always say it. If not now, let it be in June. I don’t want to play in Europe anymore: I want to play for Boca, ”said the 25-year-old Uruguayan international, speaking in an interview with ESPN Argentina.

Torreira is on loan from Arsenal to Atlético Madrid, who allowed him to leave work earlier this week, when he received the worst news. «I asked Atlético to excuse me, ‘Cholo’ [Simeone] realized and they gave me a week, but I asked to stay a little longer. On Sunday I return. I have to do my duties and life has to go on. Atlético behaved very well with me and that is important. »

Lucas Torreira has been in Europe since 2014, when he signed for the Italians of Pescara. After that, he was in Sampdoria, where he was a colleague of the Portuguese Bruno Fernandes and Pedro Pereira. In 2018 he transferred to Arsenal, which gave him in the summer of 2020 to Atlético Madrid.


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