Gelson: TAS condemns At. Madrid to pay 200 thousand euros to Benfica Football

Gelson: TAS condemns At. Madrid to pay 200 thousand euros to Benfica Football
Gelson: TAS condemns At. Madrid to pay 200 thousand euros to Benfica Football

The Tribunal Arbitral do Esporte (TAS) to Futebol Benfica in the claim for the monies related to the solidarity mechanism in the transfer of Gelson Martins from Sporting to Atlético de Madrid. FIFA had already been right about «Fófó», but «lions» and «colchoneros» turned to TAS.

Sporting and Atlético de Madrid considered that there was no place to pay the money related to the formation of the player, since the Spaniards paid compensation after the termination of Gelson’s contract, thus not being a transfer.

The TAS ruling condemns Atlético de Madrid to pay a sum “of around 100 thousand euros, to which is added another identical amount, already missing, in a total amount of approximately 200 thousand euros” by the solidarity mechanism, as explained by lawyer Gonçalo Almeida , to Agência Lusa.

«“ Atlético de Madrid and Sporting understood that nothing was due, because it was not a transfer in its essence, but a payment due to an a posteriori agreement. We understood that no, FIFA agreed with us and TAS gave us total reason, which forces Atlético de Madrid to have to pay and Sporting to have to return that amount to the Spanish club, with both paying the procedural costs and still an extra compensation to Futebol Benfica ”, explained the lawyer, who represented the Lisbon club in both instances.

Gelson Martins terminated his contract with Sporting, unilaterally in 2018, and signed for Atletico Madrid. In May 2019, the “lions” informed the CMVM that they had reached an agreement with the Spaniards, who agreed to pay 22.5 million euros as compensation for the player’s hiring.

«It is also taking place in the Chamber [Municipal de Lisboa] a meeting for the licensing of the pavilion’s construction work. If the news that comes from the municipality is also positive, it is a full day », stressed Domingos Estanislau, president of Futebol Benfica.

«There are many clubs that are in the national championship, but they sold themselves to the businessmen and, basically, they do not send anything. We are in the regional, but we are building our way and now we will be very strengthened and depending only on us. The future will be this, it cannot be another », concluded the leader, speaking to Agência Lusa.

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