Holan celebrates connection between his style of play and the characteristics of Santos’ squad: “It’s what I like”

Coach Ariel Holan is excited about the connection between his style of play and the characteristics of the Santos squad.

The Argentine coach believes that, with the technique of the Peixe athletes, it will be easier to set up his tactical schemes.

“The great teams have a solid defensive system. Each one chooses how he wants to defend. We want to defend with possession of the ball. And we cannot be disorganized in the transitions. The way that gives me more security is to have the ball and, from there, find the lines. It’s what I like. Here in Brazil I found all the players with good technique. So we can have a safer possession, with less counterattacks and without vulnerability in the back, “said Holan, ESPN Argentina.

“We have to have possession and verticality, not just possession for possession. From possession, with different movements, penetrate the opponent’s defenses. All coaches want to win. It is the most recognized verb. But each one chooses the means to triumph. Before leading a team, we (the coaches) have to assess whether the squad can play with the way we feel safe. If not, it is better to wait for the next opportunity. We have to respect the characteristics “, he added.

Holan has been at Santos for a month and his contract expires in December 2023. Peixe’s next match will be against San Lorenzo (ARG) on Tuesday, at El Nuevo Gasómetro, for the third and final phase of the Pre-Libertadores. of America.

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