Sporting-Benfica, 0-1 (halftime): Lions with complicated lives – Revelation League

Sporting-Benfica, 0-1 (halftime): Lions with complicated lives – Revelation League
Sporting-Benfica, 0-1 (halftime): Lions with complicated lives – Revelation League

Sporting enters the pitch today against rival Benfica to try to secure the last available spot for the Revelation Cup. For that, the lions will have to do something that they have not yet managed to do this season, beat the eagles - the Leon team has lost the three duels played between the two teams so far.

Eagles have their presence in the Revelation Cup guaranteed and arrive at this meeting without any pressure.

Benfica jumps to the front of the scoreboard, with a goal by Pedro Santos after a great collective play by the Eagles. Result: Sporting-Benfica, 0-1.

Follow here all the incidents of this match.

To the Minute

7 days ago


Break at the Aurélio Pereira Stadium. Benfica beat Sporting 0-1, with a goal by Pedro Santos, in the 32nd minute. This result leaves the lions out of the Revelation Cup, because Portimonense, team that disputes together with the green and white the only vacant place in the competition, it is currently tied with Cova da Piedade (0-0) and thus appears in second place in the table, just behind Benfica.

13 minutes ago

41 ‘- Benfica’s second goal was in sight! Rafael Rodrigues goes up from the left, table with Pedro Santos and easily comes face to face with Diego Callai, who with a big spot avoided the 0-2 on the scoreboard.

2 months ago

37 ‘- Sporting dropped slightly in performance after the goal conceded.

21 minutes ago

Benfica goal! (0-1)

32 ‘- GOOOLOOO DO BENFICA! The eagles jump in front of the marker with a goal by Pedro Santos, after a great collective play by the reds. Sporting in bad shape, this result leaves the lions out of the Revelation Cup.

25 minutes ago

29 ‘- Gerson Sousa with the first great opportunity for danger for Benfica! The eagle winger appeared at the second post, but the header went slightly over Diego Callai’s goal. Ascent of the leonino block opens spaces in the back of the defense, with Benfica taking advantage of this moment well.

2 months ago

25 ‘- New corner kick for Sporting, after a cut from the Benfica defense. Lions try to stay close to the red area and be closer to the goal. Remember that Sporting is obliged to win this derby in order to dream of being in the Revelation Cup.

30 minutes ago

24 ‘- Corner kick for Sporting after a great save by Samuel Soares, who caught a well-executed free kick by Flávio Nazinho.

2 months ago

22 ‘- Pedro Santos cuts off an attack by Hevertton and the ball is calmly in the hands of Samuel Soares.

3 months ago

17 ‘- Sporting players ask for a penalty after Duarte Carvalho’s crash in the Benfica area. The referee orders the game to continue.

40 minutes ago

15 ‘- Sporting’s poor ball out gives Benfica the first corner kick of the game.

1 month ago

13 ‘- Direct free kick in favor of the Benfica team, for captain Rafael Rodrigues to beat. Benfica’s attempt is lost in the great Leon area.

4 months ago

11 ‘- New shot by Diogo Cabral, the second in the game, but the’ shot ‘comes out slightly beside Samuel Soares’ goal. Sporting warns Benfica.

44 minutes ago

10 ‘- Samuel Soares called the new defense, but still without any danger to the red nets. The game remains balanced, with a slight leonine superiority, which has shown more offensive initiative in these first moments.

45 minutes ago

8 ‘- Sporting tries the first occasion of any danger near Benfica’s goal, with a shot from the middle of the street by Diogo Cabral, for a careful defense by Samuel Soares.

50 minutes ago

3 ‘- Highlight for the debut of Dário Essugo by the under-23 team of Sporting, the’ boy ‘who just a few days ago debuted for the main team of the lions.

5 days ago

The match begins!

The match starts at the Aurélio Pereira Stadium!

2 months ago

Starting eleven

OUR DO SPORTING: Diego Callai, Hevertton, Rodrigo Rego, Rafael Fernandes, Flávio Nazinho, Renato Veiga, Dário Essugo, Duarte Carvalho, Lucas Dias, Diogo Cabral and Paulo Agostinho.

BENFICA’S ELEVEN: Samuel Soares, João Tomé, António Silva, Adrian Bajrami, Rafael Rodrigues, Rafael Brito, Gerson Sousa, Diogo Nascimento, Pedro Santos, Tiago Gouveia and João Resende.

1 hour ago

Derby in the final round of the Revelation Cup qualifying round

Good afternoon! Sporting and Benfica enter the field this Thursday (17h00), in a game of the 14th and last round of the qualification phase of the Under-23 Revelation Cup, in a match that the lions will try to guarantee the only available spot, after the first place be delivered to the eagles. Stay around and follow the key moments of this match.

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